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Why purchase a significant, costly touchscreen vehicle head unit when you’re conveying a primary touchscreen cell phone in your pocket?

That is the hypothesis behind the Pioneer SPH-10BT, making its US debut at CES 2019 and offering a straightforward – and more secure – approach to get to your iPhone or Android gadget from the dashboard. 

Pioneer’s new Pioneer SPH-10BT cell phone reception intends for a more established vehicle with a sound system without a screen.

For the individuals who need to attempt the shrewd screen insight and maybe utilize their cell phone for route devices and music — this might be the arrangement that pushes you forward in the associated vehicle space without dropping five figures on another vehicle. 

This new slick gadget for your vehicle, which Pioneer brought to CES 2019, brings progressed cell phone availability into more seasoned vehicles.

Pioneer gives us an Pioneer SPH-10BT to test in a more seasoned car, which we tried on streets and parkways in New York.

What is Pioneer SPH-10BT ?

pioneer sph-10bt
What is Pioneer SPH-10BT ?

Pioneer SPH-10BT is a solitary DIN collector that mounts your cell phone into underlying support on the vehicle’s sound system.

Pretty basic. From that point, you can utilize Pioneer’s Smart Sync application for the route, sans hands calling, informing, and voice-orders. 

A “solitary DIN” or “1DIN” is an all-inclusive body that is 7 inches wide and 2 inches tall. Most vehicles out and about today have single-DIN collectors — which implies this item from Pioneer can introduce.

In any case, if your vehicle doesn’t, there are actual connector run units that can acknowledge a 1 DIN suspension. 

For what reason would we need to introduce this recipient? 

Pioneer’s new brilliant associated vehicle gadget intends to help kill interruptions while driving — like searching for your telephone to see bearings on Waze.

All the data you need shows up on your cell phone screen, which associates with Pioneer’s savvy sync cell phone beneficiary and exploits a USB port and Bluetooth. 

When associated with Pioneer’s Works with Pioneer Smart Sync application through any Android or iPhone with Bluetooth, you can utilize the screen on your cell phone to settle on hands-free decisions, pull up route devices, and instant message — when you’re not driving.

Likewise, you can take advantage of your cell phone’s highlights to control the theatre set up in your vehicle and transfer sound through the Bluetooth association.

The application can perceive when another enrolled Bluetooth gadget is near it and will naturally match that gadget. 

How would you introduce it?

pioneer sph 10bt
How would you introduce it?

There are two different ways to introduce the Pioneer SPH-10BT — you either do it without anyone’s help or ask an approved seller.

Pioneer guided us to Vikas Mooichandani at Avenue Sound on Long Island, who introduced the Pioneer SPH-10BT in our GB test vehicle, a more established Subaru Forester.

He held up test the beneficiary, and we discovered his group truly educated about new associated vehicle gadgets. 

Vik’s group required a couple of hours to introduce and test the Pioneer framework with a subwoofer, a standard measure of time.

(The subwoofer was Pioneer’s TS-WX400DA Class D Active Subwoofer.) If you introduce the framework yourself, ensure you don’t put the sound system where it might meddle with the ordinary activity of the vehicle or somewhere that could harm a traveler if there should arise an occurrence of an unexpected stop or anyplace close to the vehicle’s warmer. Pioneer likewise suggests introducing the unit at a point of under 45 degrees for ideal execution.

A sound system intended for cell phone incorporation 

The main thing we saw about the Pioneer SPH-10BT is its genuinely insignificant plan. The head unit itself sports six huge hard keys across its face, with almost no space for a presentation.

The driver’s cell phone conveys the more significant part of the screen load, which finds a way into the support folds out of the collector. 

Without the cell phone in support, the beneficiary offers genuinely restricted utility. It’s reasonable to accept that most people will utilize the sound system related to their telephone and that the phone will mount in the beneficiary’s support. On the off chance, you have another spot on your journey where you like to mount your telephone, that is fine. 

Mounting your telephone

To get the support out, we needed to separate the sound system’s faceplate, at that point, haul the help out, and overlay it up to shape a base for the telephone.

The faceplate then reattaches pretty effectively. However, you can’t return the support without eliminating the faceplate. 

The support’s sliding backplate changes several creeps to oblige the width of different telephones — it braces down on the phone rather firmly to guarantee the phone doesn’t drop out.

The support’s “legs” likewise change evenly to allow them to contact the telephone’s sides without affecting any telephone catches. 

Application mixes

Pioneer’s Smart Sync application is the way to getting the Pioneer SPH-10BT to work how you need it while driving. The application makes a pleasant showing of using your cell phone’s highlights for a customized driving encounter.

For example, on the off chance that you use Waze as your route, the first associate with the Smart Sync application, at that point, alters depending on how you use Waze while driving, for example, voice bearings and volume.

At that point, when you need headings, you can either pull up Waze by asking so anyone can hear or hit the route button on the Pioneer SPH-10BT to pull up Waze. 

Big Buttons make it simple to control

sph 10bt pioneer
Big Buttons make it simple to control

The buttons along the SPH-10BT’s faceplate impersonate the elements of the Smart Sync application: 

  • Melodic source determination 
  • Voice colleagues (counting Siri and Google Voice) 
  • Route (counting Waze and Google Maps, in addition to Apple Maps for iOS clients) 
  • Informing (counting Facebook and Whatsapp) 
  • Telephone 
  • Sharp Sync application dispatch 

They’re not challenging to track down without peering down while driving. There’s a USB port (with a reasonably irritating port cover) over the left-hand buttons and a tiny presentation screen in the sound system’s face.

You can see a tad of text on the presentation, yet most of the activity will be on the telephone’s screen. 

You are setting up the sound system and your telephone. 

At the point when you got everything snared and turned on, you went through the arrangement. The primary thing was to check Pioneer’s site to check whether a firmware update was accessible for the At that point, when you need headings, you can either pull up Waze by asking so anyone can hear or hit the route button on the Pioneer SPH-10BT to pull up Waze.  .

Adequately sure, there was, so you downloaded it to a thumb drive and refreshed the sound system to ensure it was current. 

At that point, you went through the underlying arrangement with my Apple iPhone 6s. It included blending it with the At that point, when you need headings, you can either pull up Waze by asking so anyone can hear or hit the route button on the Pioneer SPH-10BT to pull up Waze. through Bluetooth and picking a language, clock setting, and whether the application control capacity would do through Bluetooth or a wired association.

On this underlying arrangement run, no issues have blended the gadget with Bluetooth. 

Shading alternatives 

When we combined our phone with the sound system and set it in the support to avoid issues with the catches, we began going through backdrops and light settings.

There were around twelve backdrops to browse, a couple of which include “live” moving pictures (nothing also diverting, however).

There are likewise twelve brightening colors for the faceplate, or we could pick a consistent going through of every one of them. 

Route and informing settings

pioneer sph-10bt manual
Route and informing settings

There are more settings to play with that go past makeup. We have the option to pick the default route application (Google Maps, please, even though Waze is accessible for the two sorts of telephones and Apple Maps for iPhones), just as my informing application of decision (between iMessage, WhatsApp, or Facebook). 

Sonic arrangements abundantly 

A 31-band EQ could undoubtedly give long periods of fun changes if we utilized it in a vehicle with a fair sound system; it even incorporates a few presets and a couple of adjustable alternatives that we can save. We don’t think a lot about “Super Todoroki Sound”; however, there are three settings for it, or we can turn it off. 

“Recreated Sound Fields” add the mood of various listening rooms to my tunes, similar to the show corridor and arena. Also, there’s “Simple Sound Fit” for making no-bother-time rectification changes relying upon what sort of vehicle we are in. Further developed settings incorporate manual changes following time remedy and fader/balance controls. 

With everything taken into account, this At that point, when you need headings, you can either pull up Waze by asking so anyone can hear or hit the route button on the Pioneer SPH-10BT to pull up Waze.  offers a ton of sound acclimations to guarantee it’ll sound great in your vehicle.

The fundamental screen 

After blending the telephone with the At that point, when you need headings, you can either pull up Waze by asking so anyone can hear or hit the route button on the Pioneer SPH-10BT to pull up Waze.  and dispatching the Smart Sync application, you took in principle the show screen, which isolates into three sections: melodic source, clock/date, and speedometer with elevation perusing.

You question the utility of including the speedometer (or possibly not making it discretionary). Yet, maybe Pioneer envisioned individuals mounting their telephones over their vehicle show boards and concealing the speedometer. 

You can likewise decide to have the alternate routes for source, voice orders, way, text, and phone dialing along the lower part of the screen or not.

With the presentation split into thirds, you can consider the role to be the tune information as it looks along. Yet, it shows fine collection art when utilizing a wired association (more on that in a moment). 

Inside and out screens 

You can investigate the various alternatives accessible, regardless of whether it’s tunes put away on your phone, tunes on a thumb drive (whenever associated), streaming applications like Pandora or TuneIn, or even webcasts. 

Dispatching the Smart Sync application from the collector simply a few additional alternatives, remembering showing the catch accessible routes for the telephone screen or not, and card/list show choices for collections, specialists, and titles. 

Exchanging sources

pioneer sph-10bt backup camera
Exchanging sources

One part of the At that point, when you need headings, you can either pull up Waze by asking so anyone can hear or hit the route button on the Pioneer SPH-10BT to pull up Waze.  you were worried about was how consistently it would move between various sources.

When associated with the radio using Bluetooth, there was a slight slack while moving between streaming music applications, putting away music records, and the FM tuner

With the streaming music applications and putting away music documents, you would not see the collection skill, albeit the melody titles and specialists would consistently appear.

Moving between the phone sources and music on a thumb drive took somewhat more. However, that will be normal. 

iPhone similarity 

At the point when you have your iPhone connected to the SPH-10BT’s front USB port, the work of art was consistently present for whatever was playing off my telephone, regardless of whether streaming or putting away records. Furthermore, exchanging between those sources was very consistent. 

One thing that required a long time to sort out was the “Application Control” setting at the arrangement.

On the off chance that you have not dispatched the Smart Sync application on my iPhone, the sound system would utilize the iPhone as the sound source whether you have picked “Wired” or “Bluetooth” as my App Control default. 

It was agony to get music off my thumb drive without drawing in the Smart Sync application first. When you dispatched the application and associated it with the sound system, at that point, the application turned into the war room for sources, whether the iPhone associates through Bluetooth or a link. 

Android similarity 

You didn’t play much with an Android gadget, however as indicated by the manual, insofar as you’re utilizing the Smart Sync application, all that will work how it ought to, regardless of whether you use USB or Bluetooth to interface with your phone. That is the way the sound system intends to be utilized — related to the application. 

On the off chance that you need to tune in to music without utilizing the Smart Sync application, at that point, associating the telephone through USB is likely the ideal approach.

The sound system uses the AOA 2.0 convention to converse with your telephone. However long you have a fresher telephone, you ought to have the option to have control and see a collection work of art.

On the off chance that your telephone doesn’t appear to be up to speed, you may have better karma going to the Bluetooth streaming course on the off chance that you would prefer not to turn on the Smart Sync application. 

The association issue 

Before the testing, you saw a couple of grumblings on our website and elsewhere online about both the At that point, when you need headings, you can either pull up Waze by asking so anyone can hear or hit the route button on the Pioneer SPH-10BT to pull up Waze.  and the Smart Sync application itself.

One of the primary issues appeared to be that the application would turn out great from the start, yet then, in the long run, have issues associated with the sound system.

You encountered a touch of that on my third and fourth adjusted testing with my iPhone 6s. 

It took you about 15 minutes each time to get Smart Sync on my telephone to match the sound system after two or multiple times doing the test under comparable conditions.

You have a go at interfacing with an iPhone Xs Max for cycle five and had no issues. Yet, you didn’t do a lot of testing past the association since you genuinely needed to perceive how the support would function with an enormous telephone. 

The telephone fit issue 

The occurrence of the phone on the support was another significant grumbling you saw about the At that point, when you need headings, you can either pull up Waze by asking so anyone can hear or hit the route button on the Pioneer SPH-10BT to pull up Waze. , the primary purpose being that it doesn’t oblige thicker phone cases.

That might be the situation for certain people. However, you have a slight Laut case on my iPhone 6s and encountered no issues.

You didn’t have any problem putting the iPhone Xs Max on the support (without a possibility) by the same token. 


The Pioneer SPH-10BT has a recommended producer’s retail cost of $150 and is accessible at Walmart, Crutchfield, and vehicle sound forte stores, similar to Avenue Sound on Long Island.

The organization doesn’t sell straightforwardly on Amazon right now, yet a few Pioneer Authorized Dealers sell through Amazon’s site. 


  • Great worth when contrasted with dashboard show units 
  • Decent application and simple to utilize 
  • Brings associated vehicle experience to more seasoned vehicles 
  • Great ‘How-To’ recordings 


  • Needs proficient establishment, which can be exorbitant 
  • Just chips away at vehicles without a sound system shows 
  • On the off chance that you have a significant telephone, it probably won’t work as expected 


  • Show with LED Backlight: VA LCD (1-Line) 
  • Splendor control: 10-Level 
  • Enlightenment Timer 
  • Dimmer Settings (On/Off) 
  • Shading Customization: 210,000 tones, three zones 
  • Underlying Bluetooth 
  • Sound/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP 1.5) 
  • Secure Single Profile (SSP) 
  • Hands-Free Profile (HFP 1.6) 
  • Progressed Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) 


The Pioneer SPH-10BT presents an energizing method to consolidate your telephone and sound system into a consistent encounter.

It’s likewise an extraordinary route for single-DIN run proprietors to get the comfort of a touchscreen sound system without paying boatloads of money for a crease-out collector or something requiring significant adjustments. 

As a rule, it functions admirably for fundamental music, planning, informing, and calling capacities, and the voice order part of it is highly alluring from a wellbeing point of view.

Sonic devotees will burrow every one of the changes accessible through the application.

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