Pioneer AVH-2440NEX | Price, Feature and recommendation


Attempting to track down a quality vehicle media unit nowadays, particularly one that incorporates both Apple Carplay and Android Auto that will not burn up all available resources, is a simple daunting task. 

More often than not, you end up with incredibly overrated units that have (nearly) all that you need or spending plan-based choices that are inadequate with regards to all the executioner highlights you’re after in any case. However, because of the Pioneer AVH-2440NEX, that is a past issue! 

Perhaps the most notable new section-level vehicle media units to hit the market in a long time, Pioneer has another grand slam on the hands with this piece of tech.

You get an exquisite touchscreen, whole Apple and Android joining, support for satellite radio and HD radio, and surprisingly a truly smooth DVD player – and that is only a hint of something larger. 

Speedy Overview 

Straight out of the entryway, this vehicle sound system and mixed media player have been genuinely designed around people who need a great deal of premium mixed media abilities without the top-notch sticker price. 

Pioneer has consistently had an unbelievable standing in the car amusement world, based on making very imaginative, solid, and (quite often) sensible choices, particularly when faced with opposition. 

The AVH-2440NEX from Pioneer is no exemption. 

pioneer avh-2440nex
The AVH-2440NEX from Pioneer is no exemption.

Very simple to use, with a smooth plan and UI, this post-retail unit drastically improves your in-vehicle diversion experience.

You’ll have the option to tune in to all your number one music using standard radio, HD radio, satellite radio, through the CD/DVD player, or two USB ports and watch your video content as well. 

Consolidate that with wiring for a reinforcement camera, GPS unit, and an entire bundle of different extras (Pioneer brand frill just as those from outsiders).

This unit turns into somewhat of an easy decision. Particularly at this value point, which is unrealistic! 

What’s in the Box? 

  • 7-inch responsive touchscreen that has excellent shading and different capacities 
  • Coordinated wiring bridle to slide directly in with the easy establishment 
  • Twofold DIN structure factor to thoroughly supplant your OEM media unit 
  • Controller for traveler and rearseat control abilities 
  • iDataLink Maestro innovation highlights controlling wheel controls, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg
  • A devoted, designed amplifier set up for voice orders and without hands telephone activity 
  • Establishment and proprietor manual 

How To Get The Most Out Of It Pioneer AVH-2440NEX?

pioneer avh 2440nex
How To Get The Most Out Of It Pioneer AVH-2440NEX?

On the off chance that you don’t have the correct devices and the expertise, could you leave it to the professionals? Indeed, it costs some cash to introduce it.

However, you keep your mental stability. To draw the most out of your DVD recipient, you should keep your directing wheel controls. Having the catches set up lets you settle on evident sans hands decisions. 

For these, you will require extra gear as the iDatalink Maestro sold independently. You will have complete control of wheel catches by introducing that unit.

That, yet you will get vehicle diagnostics too. This gadget is sold separately from the rest. 

The touch screen size is 7″ wide. The picture is fresh, and the video is extraordinary. There will be decent amazement for you.

There are seven presets for you to browse. Likewise, it has a 13 band realistic equalizer, so you can customize it as you would prefer. 

By introducing a reinforcement camera, you will want to stop in a lot more tight spaces. There’s no camera remembered for the bundle. It sells independently. Many are keen on yields; well, here they are.

It has a video yield and 6-channel preamp yields (4V front, back subwoofer). At whatever point you stall out with the introduction, contact client support. 

The underlying amp conveys 14 watts of force. It is all anyone could need to inhale new life into stock speakers.

The gear

The magnificence (and challenge) of any vehicle establishment is that no two are indistinguishable. They’re custom-fitted to the proprietor. From lawnmowers and covering to tower speakers and 65-inch TVs, my ride gets many opportunities to put the “utility” in SUV. 

Wired in 

Before we get into the exhibition, a couple of notes on Android Auto and the Pioneer AVH-2440NEX. By far, most Android Auto or CarPlay frameworks, including mine, require you to plug in your telephone.

We say the more significant part because, as of May 2018, the most recent Pioneer recipients offer remote association with CarPlay or Android Auto, something forthcoming purchasers might need to remember. 

With the characteristic legalities of in-run frameworks, it’s likewise challenging to acclimate to a portion of Android Auto orders’ driving limitations, similar to the failure to type orders into the framework without the brake on even with a traveler present.

A new update permits travelers to open the telephone when driving for direct control, a pleasant expansion. 

Allow it to free 

It’s difficult to overestimate the improvement an overall controlled, adaptable speaker framework like the Z-arrangement can make to a vehicle’s sound framework.

I worked to offer an additional punch of material clearness and high pitch definition than even Pioneer’s as of late delivered D-arrangement speakers.

The Z-arrangement has changed how I tune in to music in the vehicle. It’s presently doesn’t foundation clamor or some inexact similarity to the piece at hand; it’s currently an all-out encounter. 

It wasn’t a gathering directly out of the case, however. When I previously got the framework arrangement, it took some real-time with the EQ, some pushing to and fro with the blur and equilibrium of the speakers.

Even at the – 3dB hybrid setting, some break on schedule with the tight Z-arrangement tweeters to streamline the high pitch and get them to merge with the remainder of the framework.

Who is the Pioneer AVH-2440NEX for? 

avh 2440nex
Who is the Pioneer AVH-2440NEX for?

The Pioneer AVH-2440NEX is a sound system for anyone who needs to tune in to great quality music. It can accomplish without using up every last cent.

On account of Apple Carplay and Android Auto, you can stream your music. This vehicle sound system upholds both Spotify and Pandora. What else do you require? 

The lone missing fixing is the implicit GPS. From my perspective, it is anything but a significant misfortune. Who might need to spend heaps of money on the business when you can get it free of charge?

If you don’t refresh your guides routinely, the GPS may bring you down a one-way road. 

How can the Pioneer AVH-2440NEX help you? 

The Pioneer AVH-2440NEX DVD recipient can deal with all your sound streaming requirements. Likewise, it can help you drive securely by setting up a reinforcement camera.

It has a single camera input, so no scramble cam, the sans hands calling on the implicit Bluetooth gadget

If you are meticulous about the radio, it has an HD radio. So you can make the most of your stations in CD quality. It is SiriuxMX prepared.

If you have a membership, you can tune in. You can appreciate satellite radio any place you are. 

Do you very much want to customize? 

This satellite collector will not puzzle. You can change nearly anything. For instance, you can change the startup picture.

The personalization doesn’t stop there; You can change the foundation (ensure it’s 500×500). You can improve the symbols on the principle page. 

Pioneer AVH-2440NEX shortcomings

Pioneer AVH-2440NEX shortcomings

Tragically the Pioneer AVH-2440NEX has its rundown of deficiencies. Perhaps the most significant issue is getting the firmware refreshed. You can’t accept what sorts of go-around you need to do. Fortunately, there are rare. 

There’s no moment closure or quiet alternative. To quiet down the sound system, you need to hold that little catch for 2s. Furthermore, for closure, you need to keep it squeezed for 3s.

Another issue is the passive startup. It can take up to 10s to begin. If you are driving a significant length, it’s tolerable. It isn’t enjoyable on the off chance that you bounce all through the vehicle. 

At last, the wellbeing highlight of not watching recordings while driving is an issue. It’s a genuine agony to sidestep it. Indeed, it’s conceivable. However, it requires an excessive lot of exertion. 

It is a definite bug. However, we need to impart it to you. The Pioneer AVH-2440NEX acknowledges foundation pictures that estimate at 500×500 pixels. Something besides that will not work. So ensure you resize to oblige.

Key Features 


The primary thing you’ll see about this vehicle unit is the 7 inches completely responsive touchscreen, significantly more significant than the past rendition of this unit from Pioneer – and a ton better looking, as well. 


The tone and differentiation capacities of this screen are off the diagrams. You’ll swear that it equals the most attractive flatscreen TVs you’ve at any point seen, with a profundity of shading and differentiation intense to discover in some other unit (particularly at this value point). 

It implies your media will look phenomenal when you play it. However, it also means that you will have a lot simpler time exploring the UI and in any lighting conditions. 

Apple and Android System

To the extent portable touchscreen interfaces go, Pioneer has taken in a great deal from both the Apple and Android working framework and has “acquired” a ton of their UI components.

If you have no trouble utilizing your telephone or tablet touchscreen, you will have the option to benefit as much as possible from this Pioneer AVH-2440NEX unit. 

Full Android and Apple auto programming coordination is another motivation for this model. There aren’t too numerous passage-level evaluated alternatives that can coordinate with the combination degree, giving you the complete Apple Carplay and Android Auto encounters without breaking your financial balance. 


Bluetooth improves versus the past variant. You’ll get a more grounded, more steady association in a hurry.

That is a colossal arrangement when you stream films, music, or media from your telephone to this recipient. The sound quality emerging from this unit isn’t anything to sniffle at. 

NEX Innovation

The NEX innovation from Pioneer improves things significantly, improving the sound emerging from your stock speakers immediately and at each level.

Your lows, mids, and high-recurrence sound components will be much more equilibrium and significantly more rich right out of the door because of the Auto EQ highlights of this unit. 


A 13 band realistic equalizer (complete with touchscreen controls), the high/low pass hybrid, and the genuine granular degree of control you have over your sound experience is top rates.

You’ll likewise have the option to play FLAC records in their simple structure – with no pressure – getting the most credible and rich computerized sound experience conceivable.

That is a distinct advantage for individuals that affection to tune in to music in their vehicle! 

Join the entirety of that with a genuinely smooth and cleaned UI, a straightforward establishment measure, a standing for creating incredible quality gadgets, and top-level client support with a strong guarantee, and it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why individuals love the Pioneer AVH-2440NEX.


  • 7 inch Clear Resistive LCD touchscreen with 16:9 angle proportion 
  • Completely mechanized presentation for better insurance and security 
  • 13 adjustable foundations 
  • Complete splendor control 
  • 800 x 480 W VGA goal 
  • 112 key tones and implicit dimmer settings 
  • Route prepared (AVIC-U280 Format) 
  • Bluetooth and USB network 
  • Various telephone association capacities 
  • Satellite radio prepared 
  • HD radio prepared 
  • Complete voice control and without hands telephone activity 
  • Android and Apple programming mix 
  • Locally available CD/DVD player with CD/CD-R/CD-RW/and DVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW playback choices 

Apple and Android Compatibility

pioneer avh
Apple and Android Compatibility

Apple and Android have hit it out of the recreation center regarding their car programming frameworks. Both of these frameworks are exceptionally cleaned, extremely intuitive, and transform your new Pioneer AVH-2440NEX into either an Apple iPad or Android Tablet worked within your vehicle. 

Not exclusively does the UI experience change when you associate either Apple or Android gadgets to your Pioneer AVH-2440NEX beneficiary, yet the abilities of the collector improved too.

Anything you can do on your telephone or tablet should likewise be possible with this beneficiary gratitude to the mixes between the two bits of equipment. 

We are looking at having the option to stream your music and media from your most loved applications. At the same time, in a hurry, utilize your remote sign as a Wi-Fi center, answer or settle on decisions remotely through the actual collector while understanding writings or messages (or directing them), as well! 

You will not need a devoted GPS unit to utilize your telephone related to Apple and Android car frameworks. The experience will be indistinguishable from utilizing either Apple Maps or Google Maps (or some other route programming you use on your telephone/tablet). 

The entire experience is genuinely cleaned and intelligent. You’ll experience passionate feelings for utilizing your Pioneer AVH-2440NEX like this practice immediately.

However long you have an Apple Carplay prepared iPhone or iPad or Android gadget running in any event Android 5.0, you will have the option to hop directly into the activity when your telephone or tablet is associated. 


  • Ravishing touchscreen with exact criticism and information capacities 
  • DVD playback is truly smooth 
  • Upgrades made to your stock sound framework are practically incredible 
  • UI is truly cleaned and all around made 
  • The New Bluetooth network is significantly more steady than it was previously. 
  • The capacity to add GPS and reinforcement camera embellishments without additional wiring is a reward. 


  • The 7-inch screen isn’t 1080p (or higher) goal 
  • No Blu-beam playback capacities 
  • Apple Carplay can be somewhat demanding now and again 
  • Satellite radio requires an additional tuner (sold independently)


With such a wide range of vehicle diversion methods to single out from nowadays, tracking down the correct one can feel pretty upsetting.

Pioneers make various choices to single out from (a wide range of value focuses), which significantly muddies the water. 

Fortunately, however, the Pioneer AVH-2440NEX has some lovely cool highlights that help isolate it from the remainder of the pack – particularly at this value point.

It’s decent not to need to spend a little fortune to get only highlights like the ones we portrayed over, all enveloped with a Pioneer bundle.

You know a piece of equipment will be very much made, keenly designed, and entirely upheld by the actual producer. 

The Pioneer AVH-2440NEX unquestionably merits a more intensive look on the off chance that you are on the lookout for a sensibly reasonable, touchscreen prepared sight and sound beneficiary for your vehicle that incorporates Apple and Android reconciliations.

Without a doubt, there are a modest bunch of choices out there that may be somewhat more component rich and perhaps somewhat simpler to utilize or minimal greater. 

Yet, there aren’t some other alternatives out there that offer these numerous exceptional highlights at this reasonable value point, shoehorning some beautiful, powerful innovation into a reasonably minimized unit that looks and sounds phenomenal.

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