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Have you ever asked why subwoofers are considering as primary segments of a decent solid framework? Speakers may remain solitary and give great sounds. However, subwoofers are consistently a commendable arrangement because it is about the bass toward the day’s end. 

The low recurrence sounds considered bass make the whole sound system more transparent and more precise. Subwoofers for the vehicle are practical and significant alternatives when you need quality sound. Regularly, they are entrusting with changing low to high sounds and pleasant sound. These gadgets are excellent choices for individuals who love impacting music. Particularly in vehicles, subwoofers for a car are an enduring arrangement. 

Picking a Pioneer subwoofer over a standard vehicle speaker gives everybody an ideal method to up their vehicle sound insight. Despite the nature of music, these gadgets sure approach to change it into engaging sound. 

Vehicle subwoofers have this negative standing of making the vehicle sounds too loud and irritating, like in the Fast and the Furious race scenes. Yet, don’t stress, pioneer subwoofers are not all like these; you need to pick the best one, and that is why you are here, perusing this article. 

Pioneer TS-WX1210A 12″ Sealed Enclosure Active Subwoofer

pioneer subwoofer
Pioneer TS-WX1210A 12″ Sealed Enclosure Active Subwoofer

Pioneer needs little prologue to sound individuals. Set up in 1938, Pioneer has become one of the most perceived sound brands in the commercial center. They produce a gigantic scope of electronic hardware, with its vast majority focused on the home market. 

It has a twelve-inch woofer in a fixed unit bureau. The bureau is produced using MDF fiberboard and got done with a rug covering. The speaker includes an a-Cellulose fiber cone. It has Urethane uphold for steadiness. 

It has an underlying amp with a 350 watt RMS and 1300 watt top execution. The bureau’s back controls for pick up, bass lift level, and bass lift recurrence. 

With specific frameworks, you can have a great deal of volume yet almost no stable quality. It isn’t the situation with this subwoofer. The bass is tight and thunderous and is unmistakably characterizing. It very well may be a bit overpowering now and again. The inclination is to give it a change of the increase again and again. 

However, it is a central sound, a significant enormous bureau, and at the value point incredible incentive for cash—a competitor for Best Car subwoofer and best vehicle subwoofer under $200

Key Features 

  • Fixed Subwoofer Enclosure with Built-In Amplifier 
  • Subwoofer Features Cellulose fiber. 
  • Fenced in area Features Carpet finish 


  • A lot of intensity with a characterized sound
  • Great value point. 


  • Or maybe an enormous unit for certain vehicles. 

Pioneer TS-SWX2502

Pioneer TS-SWX2502

It is ideal for a vehicle, however, generally for pickups that don’t have trunks for it to be putting. It is thin and can be set at 6″ profound. 

You could contend that Pioneer has ventured a little out of their usual range of familiarity with this subwoofer. It barely takes note. They have delivered a subwoofer that is a standout amongst other vehicle subwoofers for sound quality there is. 

It has a larger than usual nook box. However, it takes care of business since it settles the cone to create vast and boisterous bass. It likewise has a perfect fitting plate highlighting calculated push terminals for all wire associations with stay straight and more straightforward to introduce and plug. 

The recurrence range is intriguing to consider. The reach is 20 Hz to 125 Hz. Presently the profundity of human hearing goes down to about 20Hz. The last note on a piano is 27Hz. There would be no point going any more profound with the bass on this subwoofer. We wouldn’t hear it. 

Key Features 

  • Music Power Nominal 
  • Shallow conservative plan 
  • Fortified MICA infusion shaped pitch preloaded subwoofer cone. 


  • No shaking issues. 
  • The vehicle battery is well disposed of. 
  • Thin and conveys excellent bass. 
  • Less expensive than most. 


  • Volume issues in supported use. 
  • Yield wear following a couple of months. 

Pioneer TS-A2000LD2

Pioneer TS-A2000LD2

Well, there are two beneficial things about this 8-inch sub from Pioneer: it is smaller in size yet undoubtedly powerful. It is a decent catch given its weight class, as it has a high affectability rating and 150 RMS (600W pinnacle power).

It intends to be conservative sub encased in a curiously large cone made with gum infused mica like its cousin, which we recently talked about. You will likewise cherish its broad recurrence scope of 20-200Hz.

It is like manner incorporate Android Auto, which widens the Android stage into the vehicle with the end goal is inspiration worked for driving. Thus, Android Auto brings you essential information and directions into clear cards that show up precisely when they’re required. It’s proposed to restrict interference so you can stay focused all over town ahead.

Key Features

  • 8″ Shallow subwoofer with double 2-ohm voice curls
  • Mica-infused tar cone
  • Handles up to 150 watts RMS (600 watts top force)
  • Recurrence reaction: 20-200 Hz
  • Works in free-air applications


  • Significant lows and mids.
  • Simple establishment.
  • Adequate force dealing with a limit
  • Negligible commotion bending for a smaller, little sub


  • No defensive barbecues.
  • Voice curl wears following a couple of months.

PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 10-Inch Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

pioneer 12 inch subwoofer
PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 10-Inch Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

This 10-inch shallow mount subwoofer from Pioneer has a pinnacle power dealing with a capacity of 1,200 watts and a force scope of 100 to 300 watts. It has a Mica-infused sap cone. It causes it to create an exact bass sound.

Stay safe and conform to close by sans hands laws with worked in Bluetooth (HFP). Viably pair a Bluetooth engaged phone to the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX without encountering obfuscated settings. When an enrolled Bluetooth device is close to the beneficiary, the auto affiliation work, therefore, consolidates the two units.

The recurrence reaction is somewhere in the range of 20 and 125 Hz. In case you’re looking to truly siphon the sound and have a fantastic framework, at that point, this subwoofer will have the option to keep up. It’s additionally simple to introduce with its shallow mount plan. You’ll get a more robust and more profound sound out of this speaker because of its capacity to move more air than practically identical speakers. Shockingly, you may find that it can’t perform to the wattage that Pioneer claims.

Regardless of the speaker being 10 inches, it doesn’t fit a standard-sized box, which implies you’ll have extra expenses of custom-accommodating your new speaker. You may likewise find that the sound this speaker produces isn’t as smooth as others.

Key Features

  • Mica-infused tar cone
  • Pioneer 10-Inch 1200W Max Single 4-Ohm
  • Shallow Mount Series Subwoofer


  • Superb wired and far off organization
  • Production line GPS course.
  • Invert camera included.


  • The DVD/CD player takes up an enormous piece of screenland.

Pioneer TS-WX1010A 10-Inch Sealed fenced

pioneer powered subwoofer
Pioneer TS-WX1010A 10-Inch Sealed fenced

Pioneer is known for extraordinary sound apparatuses. This subwoofer is among the best to introduce in your vehicle. Not at all like different subwoofers that require separate bureau, this comes prepared to utilize. Additionally, the inbuilt speaker adds extraordinary sound intensification to guarantee there is an incredible pleasure. The fixed walled-in area is brilliant in contributing to a fair stable that fills your vehicle with charming music. Besides, the capacity to adjust sound guarantees clients excellent quality sound.

The high data transfer capacity configuration is a decent method to guarantee this woofer brings magnificent yield. Flaunting low twisting, this300 watt class D intensifier conveys unequaled sound evening out. T the bureau is minimally planned. Subsequently, whether little vehicles, trucks, or SUVs, the subwoofer is fitted. The 10 inches cone is magnificent in guaranteeing the speaker conveys clear and astounding sound.

Regardless of anything else, the twofold racket head unit should be presenting. You can give it yourself or complete it with an expert. The presentation costs typically around $200-$300. In our books, it is money mainly spent. We would favor not to journey done with a destroyed run for an incredibly long time until we figure it out.

Key Features

  • 1 100 watts Max power (300 watts nom )
  • Worked with high data transmission high yield
  • Low bending 300-watt class D intensifier


  • Conservative bureau
  • Inbuilt speaker
  • Sound bending free


  • More modest than different woofers

Pioneer TS-A250D4 10″ Dual 4 ohms Voice Coil Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-A250D4 10″ Dual 4 ohms Voice Coil Subwoofer

10″ glass fiber and mica interweaved Injection Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) cone development. Butyl elastic encompasses an aramid fiber insect for strength and linearity during the high trip. Curiously large 56 oz super loaded magnet and vented post burden for expanded force taking care of

Pioneer’s A-arrangement sound plan deliberately coordinates the subwoofer and full-range amplifiers to furnish consistent and smooth sound attributes with dynamic, high effect bass that allows you to hear and feel the music.

Straight, adjusted movement in both the forward and invert bearings of cone development is essential to the precise proliferation of recorded sound waves. Cautious designing of the whole engine structure and suspension framework (voice loop, magnet, encompass, and creepy crawly) is required to keep an elevated level of linearity, in any event, during high yield/high outing drifters.

Pioneer’s CarSoundFit application is a vehicle sound test system for encountering in-vehicle sound with your cell phone. Hear the contrast between unique vehicle speakers and diverse Pioneer sound redesigns: persuade yourself regarding the degree of value Pioneer can offer for your vehicle. For a virtual listening show of these and numerous other Pioneer vehicle speakers, download the free Pioneer CarSoundFit application.

Key Features

  • 10″ Glass fiber and mica joined infusion
  • More extensive than usual 56 oz Double stacked magnet and vented post


  • The introduction is in general very splendid and dimmable for late-night driving
  • The sound quality is clear and new
  • Your vehicle will feel perfect


  • It’s not Android friendly
  • The reflect interface doesn’t seem to work

Buying guide for Pioneer Subwoofer

Arriving on the best pioneer subwoofer is anything but a simple undertaking. Like any venture, it should be determined and very much idea of. You may wind up with a decision incident without earlier information, so here are the highlights that you should search for and weigh on before purchasing a pioneer subwoofer.


Most importantly, there is nobody sort of vehicle subwoofer, and you should know which one to introduce contingent upon your inclination or immediate need. There are four significant sorts of vehicle subwoofers: segment encased, fueled, and vehicle-explicit.

The part type is ideal for vehicle sound system modifying since it just accompanies a speaker. Hence, it is dependent upon you to pick the fenced-in area type and the intensifier. The encased kind is mounting inside a sound box; however, you should purchase a different speaker for it.

The fueled subwoofer as of now accompanies an intensifier, and a speaker, however, is ideal for little spaces just as it couldn’t deliver big bass sounds.

Ultimately, the vehicle-explicit subwoofers made for spaces in the vehicle where they are not ordinarily positioning like in the vehicle entryway. This subwoofer can be introducing as they don’t occupy a great deal of room yet can’t create colossal bass.


The size of the vehicle subwoofer has consistently been an issue. For this, you need to think about affectability, fenced-in area type, and force.

On the off chance that you need a subwoofer that will deliver low and loud sounds with no issue in space, go for the large subs. Yet, if the area is an issue, go for the more modest ones. It is a typical confusion that little heroes don’t convey.

To be reasonable, given the best possible force and proper nook, little subs may even have preferred execution over giant subs.

Force and affectability

We consolidated these two highlights in one brief conversation since they decide the impact of one another. As far as to force, your consideration should be centered around the RMS rating and not the pinnacle power since it quantifies the real strength dealing with yield.

Hence, in picking a subwoofer in thought with power, ensure that it is ready to deal with the intensifier’s yield power. You need to recollect that subwoofers with higher affectability evaluations will require less RMS rating.

Walled in area

As basic as it might appear, walled-in area types directly affect the sound creation of vehicle subwoofers. There are two fundamental analogies to follow; however, with regards to walled-in area types. Fixed nooks will give you the most profound, most intense, and most accurate bass. Second, ported fenced-in area types will provide you with more volume.


It influences the progression of the current that controls the subwoofer. It is frequently estimating in the middle of 2 to 8 ohms. Significantly, the subwoofer’s impedance coordinates the intensifier’s capacity. The standard impedance rating is 4 ohms, yet with dual voice curl subwoofers, the 2ohms-8ohms blend is presently more typical.


You may imagine that the music sort you incline toward doesn’t affect your subwoofer decision. There is just a single thought to recognize here. You will require two subwoofers to get the accurate bass on the off chance that you are into hip-jump, techno, funk, and rock. For different classes, one subwoofer will do.

Key Features

Affectability Rating

Affectability rating is the technique for estimating the limit of the subwoofer to change over force into volume. Subs with a higher affectability rating need less capacity to create loud, bassy sound without trading off clearness. By and large, affectability estimations over 84 dB are viewed as respectable, while evaluating over 90 dB is considered to be great.

Enclosure Type

The kind of nook your subwoofer is mounting into hugely affects how it sounds. On the off chance that you need to amplify the volume of your sub, mount it into a ported walled in area. Its ideal wind current delivers more solid while utilizing less force. On the other hand, on the off chance that you favor a more exact, tight solid, mount your sub into a fixed walled in area. A fixed nook needs more capacity to deliver a similar volume as a ported fenced-in area.

Force Handling

The two most vital force dealing with evaluations are Continuous (RMS) and Peak. Pinnacle power dealing with demonstrates how much energy a subwoofer can deal with for brief timeframes. RMS indicates how much energy a sub can deal with consistently for significant periods, making it the more significant number to consider.

Other Considerations

Number of Voice Coils

Typical 10-inch subwoofers highlight a solitary voice loop. However, double voice-curl (DVC) subwoofers use two separate voice curls, each with its associations, mounted on an isolated chamber, and associated with a typical center. DVC subwoofers are a well-known decision among audiophiles who need more noteworthy adaptability in wiring their sound frameworks.


  • In case you’re searching for a subwoofer to accomplish underground level deep bass tones, pick a sub intended for use in a fixed box. A subwoofer with plentiful wattage and an incredibly low-recurrence reaction spec can help create those super-low bass notes.
  • You’ll get cleaner sound utilizing the unamplified “line-level” signal from a reseller’s exchange sound system, yet you can attach a sub and amp to a manufacturing plant framework. You’ll have to take advantage of your speaker wires to get to the elevated level sign the sound system puts out. You can utilize the significant level sign straightforwardly on the off chance that you get an amp or fueled subwoofer highlighting speaker-level sources of info.
  • Your amp’s RMS yield can outperform your subwoofer’s most significant RMS rating. Listen intently: when the bass begins to twist or “separation,” you’ve hit the exhibition furthest reaches of your amp/speaker arrangement. Ease off on the volume a cycle, and your subwoofer will work inside safe boundaries. Keep in mind; the perfect high-volume sound won’t harm your subwoofer.
  • Stuffing your walled in area with the right measure of polyester fiber can cause your container to convey a giant box’s exhibition. It is a moderate method to tidy up your bass by diminishing undesirable resonances inside the crate.
  • “Spanning” signifies uniting two amp channels into one to acquire power. You should be mindful so as not to attach excessively low of an impedance burden, or you could harm the enhancer. For the most part, amps that work with loads as low as 2 ohms for each channel can securely drive stacks just as low as 4 ohms when crossed over.


It isn’t sufficient that you realize that you need subwoofers for your vehicles. Subsequently, learning that cars should have subwoofers for their inherent sound system is additionally insufficient for you to imprudently get one. There are many interesting points, and you should initially be learning about these before you could settle on the correct decision. Your vehicle sounds affect the individuals who will carpool with you.

Your Pioneer subwoofers make a street experience, and it likewise shows your music inclination, consequently, your character. It is alright to be fussy about these things, and we trust that you are currently prepared, given these best pioneer subwoofers that we introduced to you, just as the highlights that you need to know before getting one.


What is a subwoofer?

We have nearly shrouded this in the presentation; however, for conversation, a subwoofer is utilized as a helper segment to make the vehicle sound system or any sound system better by creating low recurrence sounds or called the bass. With the bass, we can hear the smallest of sounds and melodic impacts in tune.

Do I need a subwoofer in my vehicle?

Vehicles accompany an implicit sound system yet to make the street experience more sensible, and with profundity, subwoofers are essential.

Other than that, vehicle speakers are moderately little, and you can’t anticipate that they should convey the accurate bass that will permit you to encounter the music completely.

We as whole expertise tiring it is to head back and forth in some cases, and that is the reason it is more than needed to have music in the vehicle, and it will be better on the off chance that you have a subwoofer to lift the vehicle music quality for you.

What subwoofer size do I need for my vehicle?

It relies upon your inclination. On the off chance that you are to a greater degree a drive-by, windows moved down, and the chill type who needs the music to zero in out and about, a 10 inches sub will do. In any case, on the off chance that you have a different music type and a boisterous audiophile, you should introduce a 12 inches sub to oblige your flexible music decision. Furthermore, if you need individuals to take a gander at you while you drive down the road given the loud vehicle music, go for the 15 inches sub.

Do you need an amp for a subwoofer?

Indeed, you need a speaker for a subwoofer, and it relies upon the sort of vehicle sound system you are attempting to set-up. You simply need to consider the sub to amp impedance coordinate to accomplish the correct intensification you need. You simply need to recall that solitary voice loop subs need an impedance going from 1-8 ohms while twofold voice curl subs need an impedance going from 2-8 ohms

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