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Pioneer is an organization that has for quite some time been inseparable from reasonable and excellent sound gear, and these vehicle speakers offer all that you’ve generally expected from them. We’ve included models to suit a scope of financial plans and establishment needs. Regardless of whether you need coaxial or segment units, you can discover them here, and for the most part, in sizes that will fit effectively into your vehicle’s stock patterns. 

Pioneer’s A-arrangement sound plan intentionally coordinates the subwoofer and full-range amplifiers to furnish consistent and smooth sound attributes with dynamic, high effect bass that allows you to hear and feel the music. 

Pioneer TS-A652C 6-1/2″ 2 

pioneer speakers
Pioneer TS-A652C 6-1/2″ 2

The segment framework includes 6-1/2″ multi-fit establishment connectors that grow adaptability and improve acoustic execution. And included are tweeter mounts for surface mounting, flush mounting, and uniquely planned multi-fit connectors for mounting in unique hardware (OE) tweeter areas. With the incorporated/in-line hybrid organization, you increment establishment adaptability without the need for a detachable module. 

Pioneer’s OPEN and SMOOTH sound idea gives consistent and smooth progress between the midrange and tweeter drivers and conveys a uniform off-hub recurrence reaction advanced for car applications where at least one speaker is frequently pointed away from the audience members’ ears. 

Pioneer’s CarSoundFit application is a vehicle sound test system for encountering in-vehicle sound with your cell phone. Hear the contrast between unique vehicle speakers and distinctive Pioneer sound overhauls: persuade yourself regarding the degree of value Pioneer can offer for your vehicle. For a virtual listening showing of these and numerous other Pioneer vehicle speakers, download the free Pioneer CarSoundFit application. 

Key Features

  • 6-1/2″ Woofer with 3/4″ Soft arch tweeter 
  • Multi-Layer Mica Matrix woofer cone for ideal sound propagation and responsiveness 
  • Tetron Net Ferro Fluid-filled tweeters with Neodymium magnets give clear vocals added heat dissemination for most extreme dependability 
  • Lightweight, versatile polymer encompasses for high affectability
  • Warmth safe voice curl wire for heat dissemination and toughness to withstand high info power 
  • Delicate Dome Tweeter with Wave Guide for Increased Sensitivity 


  • Carbon and mica strengthened Injection Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) cone development 
  • Smooth off-pivot reaction 
  • Latent Crossover Network 


  • The bass is some way or another powerless. 

Pioneer TS-D10LS4 10″ 4-ohm Component Subwoofer 

pioneer car speakers
Pioneer TS-D10LS4 10″ 4-ohm Component Subwoofer

A lot of isn’t sufficient; grasp the bass. The D subwoofer is a zenith of Pioneer innovations that produce thick, profound, unique, and precise bass that makes tuning in to your #1 music lively, fun, and locks in. 

Consolidating bass quality and bass amount with high force, in addition to establishment adaptability that gives elite in both acoustic suspension (fixed) and bass reflex (ported) walled in areas, the D subwoofer is a definitive all-around entertainer. Pummel, assault, power. Don’t merely tune in to your music; feel it.

Polypropylene (PP) is an intense thermoplastic tar that is ideal for a subwoofer cone – with low mass and high damping; PP cones offer great affectability and low twisting. Notwithstanding, polypropylene cones come up short on the unbending nature and strength needed for high yield and outrageous low bass. To determine this, Pioneer engineers utilized progressed Computer-Aided Manufacturing to build up a cycle to mix aramid strands into the polypropylene sap during the infusion forming measure. The subsequent Aramid Fiber Interlaced IMPP subwoofer cone is a substantial and low mass with high unbending nature and better strength than produce deep, ground-breaking, and undistorted bass. 

Key Features

  • 10″ 4-ohm subwoofer 
  • Infusion formed polypropylene/aramid fiber cone 
  • Butyl elastic encompass 
  • Stepped steel crate 
  • Power taking care of 350 watts RMS


  • 1300 watts top force dealing with 
  • recurrence reaction: 20-3400 Hz 
  • affectability: 74 dB 
  • mounting profundity: 3-5/16″ 


  • Grille excluded 

Pioneer TS-Z65CH | 17 cm 2-Way Component Speaker System (330 W) 

pioneer floor speakers
Pioneer TS-Z65CH | 17 cm 2-Way Component Speaker System (330 W)

The nature of music chronicles accessible to audience members has developed. Hello there, Res Audio chronicles contain fundamentally more information contrasted with a standard CD account and require an amplifier prepared to easily imitate frequencies of 40KHz or higher. The Z speakers convey a more clear, more keen, and more unpredictable repeating that is nearer to the first presentation. 

Pioneer speakers consistently keep up more open, smooth, broad, multidimensional sound, without the emotional plunges and irregularities that lesser speakers can deliver. 

The material and state of the Z-arrangement tweeter are upgraded to imitate clear High-Frequency sound. Its shape was planned after an inside and out investigation to get steady high recurrence attributes from the chose material. 

The CarSoundFit application reenacts in-vehicle sound when Pioneer speakers are introduced into vehicles. You can encounter a distinction between initially fitted speakers and Pioneer speakers. 

Key Features

  • Open and smooth – open and smooth conveys smooth recurrence reaction and a far-reaching sound ST age.
  • Eri Pioneer European reference installer 
  • Mounting profundity: 73mm


  • Bigger Magnet 
  • Aramid Fiber Center Cap 
  • Turn Mechanism 
  • Tweeter mounting alternative 


  • It needs an intensifier to perform ideally.

Pioneer 12″ Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure 

vintage pioneer speakers
Pioneer 12″ Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure

The shallow-mount subwoofer that comes preloaded in the TS-SWX3002 uses a larger than average cone structure that gives a more prominent cone and gasket surface without changing its standard outer measurement. This cone surface permits the subwoofer to deliver more robust, more profound bass by moving more air. An exceptionally narrow cone made of MICA infusion formed tar, which makes an unbending and solid cone, enabling it to deliver accurate bass. The subwoofer incorporates a double creepy crawly to give more cone movement control to advanced solidness, balancing out the cone’s journey and backing the subwoofer’s straight development for a precise bass reaction.

Customary subwoofer terminals are mounted on a level plane or vertically. These mounts power wires to be twisted to fit, which can be troublesome if low measure fine wires are utilized. The Pioneer shallow subwoofer’s patent-forthcoming, calculated push terminals make it simple to associate speaker wires. The straighter association spares space and makes the establishment simpler.

The TS-SWX3002 nook can be introduced uninhibitedly in the lodge or baggage zone for ideal room usage. Conservative space-sparing measurements make it simple to introduce the subwoofer in an assortment of trucks-standard-taxi, broadened taxi, or team cab. The nook is completely covered, making a non-slip and scratch safe surface. 

Key Features 

  • 500w Max/400w RMS 
  • 2 ohms Single Voice Coil 
  • Elastic Surround 
  • Completely Covered Steel Mesh Grille 
  • Removable Feet and Cushions 
  • Covered Enclosure with Embroidered Logo 


  • Sounds stunning on a Pioneer Class D Mono amp 1600W. 
  • Heaps of bass for the little measure of room 


  • A generally troublesome establishment measure.

Pioneer TS-G1620F 300 Watts Max Power 6-1/2″ 

pioneer elite speakers
Pioneer TS-G1620F 300 Watts Max Power 6-1/2″

TS-G1620F speakers are significant decisions to supplant a terrible arrangement of production line 6-1/2″ speakers. Their two-way configuration handles 300 watts max. Power (40 watts ostensible) highlights Pioneer’s very solid and lightweight Injected Molded Polypropylene™ (IMPP) Composite Cone Woofer for improved affectability and diminished mutilation. 

You don’t get merely essential, ordinary highlights, all things considered. The damper conveys higher force taking care of and more profound bass, and the 1-3/16″ Balanced vault tweeter recreates highs with extraordinary execution and musicality. 

These speakers are planned with a shallow mounting profundity for simple introduction into a wide assortment of vehicles.

Reformist Flex Suspension System underpins the voice loop viably by hosing the enormous cone vibration and improving sound multiplication linearity. Its delicate part makes development smooth and duplicates clear reliable, and at exorbitant info, its critical step controls over the highest vibration and forestalls development mistake. 

Key Features 

  • Multilayer Mica Matrix cone material. 
  • Versatile Polymer speaker encompass. 
  • Delicate Dome tweeters with Wave Guide for expanded affectability. 
  • High-temperature voice curl.


  • Infusion shaped polypropylene Cone 
  • 3-route speaker with a multilayer mica network cone 


  • Sound playback could be somewhat more robust.

Pioneer TS-A6880F 6″ x 8″ 4-Way Speaker, Set of 1 

pioneer car speakers
Pioneer TS-A6880F 6″ x 8″ 4-Way Speaker, Set of 1

Pioneer’s up, and coming age of TS-An arrangement speakers offers improved bass and dynamic reach, higher force taking care, and another health plan. The TS-A speakers are intended to supplant the vehicle’s manufacturing plant introduced speakers and produce improved sound quality at an outstanding worth. 

The TS-A line incorporates another profoundly unbending Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone structure for a more extensive scattering of sound with more profound bass and another tweeter intended to convey an improved scope of mid to high frequencies and produce enhanced sound at higher volumes. The innovation upgrades offer better execution, improved sound quality, and the capacity to play a more significant assortment of famous music with weighty bass, including hip jump, dubstep, and elective stone. 

Different materials were painstakingly joined to build up a stomach of additional delicacy and unbending nature to recreate sound unmistakably with exceptional responsiveness affectability and an appropriate level of inner misfortune. The new A-Series speakers include a multilayer mica lattice cone where a surface containing mica keeps up the cone’s boss inflexibility and inward misfortune. At the same time, another layer utilizes light, water-safe material. 

Key Features 

  • Lightweight, versatile polymer encompasses high affectability.
  • Warmth safe voice loop wire for heat dispersal and sturdiness to withstand high info power 
  • New insect configuration joins similar material utilized in the PRS arrangement of top of the line part speakers for stiffer suspension and more precise reaction.
  • Cooling bin with an air vent for expanded cooling to deal with improved force taking care of 


  • Two 4-way speakers 
  • Two 12″ lengths of speaker


  • Tough to suggest 

Buying Guide

If you’re searching for Pioneer speaker substitution, at that point, likely you would need to make do with nothing, not exactly the best. Significantly, you keep nearly scarcely any essential things in your psyche when purchasing the ideal speakers for your vehicle. New speakers return life into your sound system. Speaker units typically come in various sizes, types, shapes, and different highlights. You have to do some exploration before buying a speaker. Coming up next are some things you ought to consider before purchasing a vehicle speaker.

Kind of Speaker 

The primary thing you have to consider is the speaker type. There are two primary speaker classes, for example, segment speakers and full-range speakers. Getting an ideal one for your vehicle sound system can be an extraordinary cash sparing chance and offers you that sound quality you’ve been searching for. Part speakers offer the best stable quality because of their plan. They highlight isolated speaker segments; for example, woofers and tweeters are isolated to consider the simple development of the speakers around inside the vehicle. This outcome in the creation of a superior in general sound since sound waves, for the most part, move best on various speaker sizes. 

Sound Quality 

Sound quality is among the primary contemplations that everybody searches for in a speaker. You can decide your speaker’s sound quality by taking a gander at its recurrence range. Vehicle sound systems typically include explicit recurrence ranges. The more extensive the reach, the better the sound the speaker is fit for repeating. The common pinnacle recurrence is 20,000 Hertz, while the most reduced is 10 hertz. You don’t require the full reach to get that quality sound because there is no verification that extraordinary frequencies will give you perceptible sound.

Speaker Sensitivity 

Affectability is the proportion of how a speaker produces from the force exposed to it. On the off chance that your vehicle sound system is low-controlled, for example, 15 watts RMS per channel or less, the best match would be high affectability range speakers (more than 90db). Keep in mind; most industrial facilities introduced speaker’s vehicle sound frameworks are low-controlled on the off chance that you have a robust, stable framework. Likely a reseller’s exchange sound system or remotely introduced intensifier. at that point, you need speakers with lower affectability appraisals. When appropriately fueled, they’ll unquestionably offer fantastic sound. 

Power-taking care of 

Something else you have to consider when buying a reseller’s exchange speaker unit for your vehicle sound system is power-dealing. It permits you to know the measure of intensity, typically estimated in watts, that the speaker is fit for taking care of. A sound system including amazing outer amps requires speakers with power-taking care of near the amp’s yield. It’s essential to note that the critical component in the force taking care of is Maximum RMS and not generally the pinnacle power dealing with the same number of individuals will, in general, think. The low-fueled sound system requires a framework appraised around “2-50 watts RMS” and not “10-80 watts RMS.” 

2-way or 3-way 

The most widely recognized kinds of speaker frameworks are 2-way speakers and 3-way speakers. 2-way speakers are otherwise called coaxial speakers and are viewed as the standard units comprising just a woofer and a Twitter, while the 3-way speaker has Woofer, Twitter, and an added mid-range segment. Three-way speakers have a higher recurrence range and, in this way, creates highs and lows of the sound along these lines bringing about a lot more full and more precise sound. 

Speaker Build Materials 

The speaker materials highlighted on the parts primarily affect the sound quality delivered and all in all framework’s life expectancy. Coming up next are the principle parts you should take a gander at. 


As a rule, the tweeter includes delicate materials like silk, polyurethane, or material mixes that lead to the creation of a warm solid. Tweeter parts with more rigid materials like pottery, graphite, or metal, as a rule, produce a pop’ stable with higher tones.

The speaker encompass 

It is the packaging around the Woofer and should be fit for withstanding dampness and warmth. Elastic is usually the best-favored material for speakers encompass, albeit some speaker’s highlights fabric or froth encompass more affordable and still functions admirably.


Woofers with lightweight development produce the best base sounds. The most famous material utilized is polypropylene due to its exact bass sounds, albeit different materials like woven textures can be utilized.

Overhaul Your Head Unit as opposed to depending on your cell phone’s DAC! 

Individuals regularly interface their telephones with their vehicle sound systems with a helper link and depend on their telephone’s feeble computerized to simple converter; obviously, doing so brings about the decay of voice quality. Hence, it’s smarter to discover a head unit that bolsters a USB association and has an excellent underlying DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). These sorts of head units can peruse the computerized information from your gadget. They can undoubtedly play out the challenging work of accurately changing over that information into good signs – which would then be shipped off the speakers and enhancers. 

A reseller’s exchange head unit can be an incredible redesign in various manners. It essentially improves sound quality. It also has extra preamp yields that can be of great utility if you need to later introduce an enhancer. 

For example, you can go to Pioneer’s DMH-Z5290BT. The head unit has a rousing new interface plan, which is exceptionally responsive and adaptable. The adaptability and the straightforward entry that it brings to the table makes the entire experience alleviating and pleasant. It likewise accompanies plenty of highlights like Apple CarPlay, ANDROID Auto, Youtube using WebLink, and inherent Bluetooth.

Adding Amplifiers, Signal Processors, and Band Equalizers, 

Production line vehicle sound frameworks are pretty basic, and even though they take care of business, they come up short on the subtleties that would please the ears of a prepared music darling. So on the off chance that you have a place with the entire class of music audience members, you need more parts for your vehicle’s sound framework. Adding intensifiers, signal processors, and band equalizers can be a bit excessive, yet together, these parts truly can change your vehicle’s sound from ordinary to astonishing!

Take, for instance, Pioneer’s GM-DX874 sound intensifier. This extra-proficient, class-D, advanced intensifier denotes a sensational improvement in force yield capacity. It is about half more modest in size contrasted with the other ordinary speakers on the lookout. It makes it simple to introduce too.

Other Consideration

Speaker Compatibility and Configuration 

Even though speakers don’t raise your vehicle’s incentive by much, they improve the driving experience. You wouldn’t have any desire to have bad quality speakers in a top of the line vehicle. It’s, subsequently, imperative to coordinate your speakers with the vehicle. Before you look for new vehicle speakers, it’s significant that you gather some data on the all-around accessible speakers on the lookout. 

In case you’re genuinely dedicated to trading them, you can eliminate the speakers are in a real sense, estimated them. In any case, most speaker units have particulars demonstrated, so you can take the readings and present them as a secondary selling vehicle speaker vendor. You may need to give the model, make, and your vehicle’s time of production. It will give the seller an understanding of the speaker’s arrangement and size. 

Cost of the speaker 

Specific vehicle speakers accompany shifted costs. While straightforward substitution speakers can be genuinely practical, hello-tech frameworks with elite can indeed be costly. You should, like this, decide your spending plan before going to search for speakers. You can change your spending plan to support more speaker capacities or highlights. The speaker size doesn’t think about the frameworks’ general sound execution, and the equivalent is valid at the cost. There is no assurance that costly speakers will work in a way that is better than cheap ones. 


  • Customers are continually gauging cost versus quality when settling on buy choices, and the decision of general media recipients is no particular case.
  • Advances are getting further continuously developed, so you need an A/V collector that can keep up. 
  • Any recipient can control a speaker that is anything but difficult to drive.
  • Search for recipient models that are evaluated to deal with 4-ohm stacks and convey high ebb and flow. 


Speaker is the life of a vehicle sound system. Keep in mind; we use them for playing music and getting calls using the Bluetooth or tuning in to sound talks. Picking incredible speakers for your vehicle’s sound system may appear to be troublesome; however, with the above contemplations, the undertaking is effortless and straightforward.


Does Pioneer make great speakers? 

Pioneer offers a wide assortment of vehicle speakers of various kinds. A progression of speakers are among the smash hit vehicle speakers out there. They appear to be popular most likely because they are in all the more a low-mid value range. 

Where are Pioneer speakers made? 

Pioneer has the most significant portion of both the OEM speaker market and the car reseller’s exchange, with speaker production lines in Japan, Thailand, China, Vietnam, and Mexico.

Are Pioneer speakers useful for bass? 

Appreciate remarkable sound quality on your drive with this 6.5-inch Pioneer coaxial vehicle speaker. Its carbon, cellulose, and mica sound cone conveys rich bass notes and solid mid-tones, while the hard-arch tweeter creates clear, fresh highs.

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