Buy Pioneer MVH-1400NEX 2021 | Review Guide and Recommendation


These days, car radio recipients are intended to do substantially more than only associating with your number one FM stations. Vehicle proprietors with horrendous, obsolete head units would now be able to introduce a vehicle play empowered radio recipient to appreciate route, better sound, and informing experience while in a hurry. 

The Pioneer MVH-1400NEX was welcomed as an expansion of the Pioneer’s NEX stage. It supplements the driver’s way of life with its twofold commotion advanced media recipient and the mix of cell phone interfaces. 

A primary LCD screen twofold racket in-run recipient, the Pioneer MVH-1400NEX is furnished with a without cd plan to adjust to the new streaming music content pattern. One would anticipate that it should cost a fortune thinking about its variety of incredible highlights. However, shockingly, the Pioneer MVH-1400NEX comes at a reasonable cost. 



  • The nonappearance of an equipment catch or CD opening adds to its fantastic program. 
  • The twofold clamor sash around the head unit is deliberately formed to line up with the vehicle’s dashboard. 

It has a 6.2-inch reflexive touch screen to supplement the plan. The capacitive touch screen is responsive, simple to utilize, and offers multi-contact signals like cell phone touchscreens—the net permits controlling the head unit just as the gadget is being matched. The Pioneer MVH-1400NEX progressed configuration meets the current tablet and cell phone a straightforward way of life. 

Some Smartphone Integration

Apple CarPlay

You can associate the iPhone to the head unit’s backboard through a USB link and appreciate music, understood messages, use maps, settle on decisions, and Siri voice control include using the Pioneer MVH-1400NEX beneficiary’s rules. 

AppRadio Mode

With AppRadio Mode+, the recipient gives you control of applications on your vehicle’s scramble. The collector permits you to appreciate total on-screen admittance to your contacts, schedule, guides, and the absolute generally well-known in-vehicle applications by associating with iPhone or viable Android cell phones. 

pioneer mvh-1400nex
Some Smartphone Integration

Android MTP Playback

The Pioneer MVH-1400NEX backings MTP to control and play put away music documents in various organizations from the telephone through the collector. 

Cell phone Charging

With a USB association, you can charge iPhone/iPod and Android telephones through the head unit. 

An assortment of Music Options

Pandora Internet Radio

The recipient permits you to play music from the Pandora administration using a USB or Bluetooth association with the cell phone. With the screen showing raw data, you can oversee the playback. 


Pioneer head unit permits you to playback and control music from Spotify on an associated Android or iPhone. You can play, stop, skip tracks, and peruse collections and stations with the beneficiary’s controls. Data about the tune and the craftsman are additionally shown on the screen. 

pioneer mvh-1400nex manual
An assortment of Music Options

Apple Music Radio

The Pioneer head unit permits you to play Apple Music Radio on the associated Apple gadget. You can choose the stations and control the playback utilizing the touch screen controls. 


This beneficiary is SiriusXM, prepared for you to tune in to free music, sports, news, traffic, climate, and amusement, by just associating the SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner. 

Incorporated Bluetooth

The Pioneer MVH-1400NEX is furnished with Bluetooth to let you stream music and accept calls remotely from the cell phone through the head unit. The beneficiary has a limitation of interfacing five Bluetooth-viable gadgets simultaneously. 

It additionally empowers sans hands correspondence for the cell phone. You can complete a discussion while driving utilizing the outside mouthpiece and the vehicle’s sound speakers

The Pioneer MVH-1400NEX similarly permits remote sound playback and control for a Bluetooth-prepared telephone or sound player. You can stream music from the gadget just as music applications and even peruse the assortment through the head unit screen. 

Likewise, you can get to Siri through the head unit’s touchscreen and receiver for sans eyes usefulness to settle on telephone decisions, explore and access music. 

USB and AV Playback

Pioneer head unit’s backboard upholds associating a USB mass stockpiling gadget to empower playback and control of music, video, and photograph documents saved money on the device. It underpins practically all regular kinds of record designs, including JPEG, PNG, MKV, BMP, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, MOV, WAV, MPEG4, FLV, and then some. Dual AV inputs uphold associating two simultaneous video and sound sources remotely. 

Sound Quality

The Pioneer MVH-1400NEX accompanies a converter for a 24-cycle computerized to simple. It conveys incredible sound quality when playing from the iPhone, iPod, Bluetooth, and Android. MOSFET speaker makes it play cleaner and healthier music at higher volumes without bending or clamor. Low and High pass hybrids tailor the head unit to the speaker arrangement. 

It doesn’t end there. The head unit underpins other settings to the vehicle sound framework; these incorporate tumult, position, speaker level, time arrangement, bass lift, etc. 

Camera/OEM/NAV Connectivity

The head unit includes a back view camera contribution to help to add another camera. The company changes to raise camera pictures consequently with Auto View. It likewise has a Camera View mode that permits you to physically get the rearview picture on the screen to have a mind of what is behind. 

You can also interface an extra route unit to the head unit to change route mode by just contacting a catch. The media recipient is viable with iDataLink Maestro and supports picking the processing plant capacities to hold. 

Controlling Wheel Control

The Pioneer collector accompanies an OEM guiding wheel controller contribution to keep the manufacturing plant radio directing wheel controls.


Since the MVH-1400NEX uses capacitive touch screen innovation, contact reaction is like what you’d anticipate from an advanced cell phone or tablet. Accordingly, you won’t need to press in on the screen to get it to enlist your info like resistive showcases; a light tap is everything necessary to enlist your information. 

Even though it is a capacitive touch screen, it isn’t exactly as responsive as an iPhone or iPad and requires a more intentional touch. You can utilize each finger, in turn, to control the presentation, as multitouch isn’t accessible in any way. The absence of multitouch additionally implies that as opposed to utilizing squeeze to zoom on regions of Apple Maps, you’ll need to depend on programming zoom catches. 


This post’s primary concern is to discuss CarPlay, yet I needed to quickly address the UI part of the NEX interface, of which CarPlay lives as an application. The interface configuration is hard and never is that more apparent than when taking a gander at the over-planned base programming of the MVH-1400NEX. You’re unquestionably going to need to get right to CarPlay at the earliest opportunity because the stock interface is, for the absence of a superior descriptor, a blemish. 


The receiver included with the MVH-1400NEX works admirably of getting my voice precisely, even among uproarious conditions. It is significant because, even though you can control CarPlay through touch, Siri is ostensibly the essential method to control the interface. 

Apple Music, the executioner application 

Music and driving go together so typically, making an Apple Music membership the executioner application for CarPlay, even though administrations like Spotify work. Having the option to playback almost any melody that you can consider using your voice is stunning, and it’s by a wide margin my number one thing about CarPlay. 

pioneer nex
Apple Music, the executioner application

Video walkthrough 

Pioneer dealt with the entirety of the subtleties, working it out with my neighborhood installer. It was an extravagance since I didn’t need to stress a lot over parts or whether the establishment would end upright. You may have to do somewhat more legwork to ensure that the installer has all the critical factors to finish the cycle as you would prefer. 

The Box’s Content

  • USB augmentation link 
  • Computerized media recipient with fixed touch screen 
  • Wiring bridle 
  • Mouthpiece with the mounting section 
  • Two-sided tape 
  • Guarantee data 
  • Establishment manual 
  • ISO screws 


  • Massive choice of sound and music (Spotify, Pandora, Audible) 
  • Smart capacitive touch screen 6.2″ wide 
  • All catches are advanced. They won’t break. 


  • Android not upheld, just for Apple 
  • Either Bluetooth or CarPlay works


For the individuals who need to utilize CarPlay while in a hurry, the Pioneer MVH-1400NEX is a fantastic head unit decision. It gives a reasonable method to bring CarPlay to vehicles that don’t have such implicit highlights.


What’s the screen size of this Pioneer head unit? 

The Screen size is 6.2″ 

What sort of camera input does this Pioneer computerized media recipient have? 

With this Pioneer collector as camera input, you can mount a back view camera for more secure stopping. It additionally has a video yield. 

Could I controller these Pioneer collector head units? 

You can utilize a controller with this advanced media recipient. However, it would help if you got it independently. 

Would this be able to Pioneer in-run collector handle iPhone iPod Apple items? 

The MVH-1400NEX twofold DIN in-run beneficiary is equipped with Apple items. It works with iPhone iPod in addition to you can settle on telephone decisions. Apple Car play will work with all iPhones. On account of the Bluetooth network, the Carplay interface is quick. 

How great is the voice control with this vehicle sound system? 

The voice control is fantastic. With voice control, you can settle on telephone decisions or play music. Since Siri is there, you can order her to play some Apple music. You can play delay tunes with the correct orders. 

Is USB association required? 

For apple telephones, the USB association isn’t needed. If you have an Android, at that point, yes, it’s an absolute necessity. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s a viable Android gadget. You need to connect it.

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