Buy pioneer AVH-4200NEX 2021 | review Guide and recommendation


You don’t need to go through a massive load of cash to get a portion of the tech extravagances that accompany claiming an advanced car.

That you own a cutting-edge iPhone or Android cell phone, Pioneer’s AVH-4200 NEX is a moderate move up to give your current ride some genuinely necessary smarts. 

All alone, detached to a cell phone, the Pioneer avh-4200nex review is only a celebrated HD radio with an enormous 7-inch touchscreen appended to it.

The unit is intended to supplant your vehicle’s current radio or GPS framework, and it’s intended to fit most cars with a two-fold DIN run opening. 

The sorcery happens when you interface your Android or iOS gadget, so, all in all, the Pioneer avh-4200nex reviews fill in as a second screen for your telephone.

Your Android telephone will show an Android Auto interface, and Apple’s iPhone will exhibit CarPlay. The thought is that the Pioneer avh-4200nex will permit you to remain securely associated with the rest of the world, limiting interruptions while you drive by giving a sans hands telephone insight. 


The 4200 NEX has a similar perfect, insignificant style as the 4100 NEX that it replaces. Opened as the passage level model in Pioneer’s NEX arrangement this year, the Pioneer avh-4200nex has a roomy 6.95-inch touchscreen on top. 

Pioneer records the touchscreen as the resistive variation instead of the capacitive innovation utilized on current telephones and tablets.

From the start, we were somewhat distrustful of the resistive touch innovation since power is needed to actuate the screen.

Pioneer AVH-4299NEX Installation

Pioneer avh-4200nex
Pioneer AVH-4299NEX Installation

The 4200 NEX ships with the vast majority of the parts needed for establishment. In case you’re going the DIY course with a home establishment, you’ll need to get a twofold DIN outline—fundamentally a little faceplate that mixes the Pioneer avh-4200nex installation with the opening on your vehicle’s middle scramble—and a mouthpiece. 

The installer had referenced that the $50 part charge was for the amplifier, yet our Pioneer rep explained that the Pioneer avh-4200nex installation boats with a mouthpiece for getting to Siri CarPlay out of the case.

Charge for the USB Aux Flush Mount, a part that permits a USB and helper port to be introduced onto the scramble, giving the vehicle a cleaner look. 

The odd part about the establishment is that the Pioneer avh-4200nex reviews require two separate USB ports.

Android Auto will get to one USB port, and CarPlay utilizes a second USB port. On the off chance that you plug your iPhone into the Android Auto USB port, it won’t work and the other way around. 



Notwithstanding on the off chance that you incline toward CarPlay or Android Auto, there are two unmistakable interfaces when you’re utilizing the Pioneer avh-4200nex manual.

The first is the NEX menu, which gives you admittance to the “moronic” part of the associated vehicle experience. Utilizing the NEX interface, you can handle Pioneer avh-4200nex’s implicit HD radio, change the gadget’s settings and access the NEX Pandora radio application. 

Even though Pandora is incorporated into the NEX interface, you’ll have to associate your cell phone to both of the two USB ports to utilize this element.

If you favor not to connect your telephone to get to Pandora through the CarPlay or Android Auto UI, the Pandora application on the Pioneer avh-4200nex permits you to stream your Pandora station using Bluetooth

The following interface is either the Apple CarPlay or Google Android Auto experience. When you interface your iPhone or Android telephone to one of the two USB ports, you’ll approach the “keen”— or associated—insight of the Pioneer avh-4200nex manual

Running both battery-serious projects brought about the S7 depleting quicker than it can energize, and in case you’re on a lengthy, difficult experience trip, you can wind up with a dead telephone toward the finish of your excursion.

The S7 would often overheat, even streaming music through Android Auto, bringing about the phone not charging and depleting its battery. 

Pioneer AVH-4200NEX firmware

pioneer avh 4200nex review
Pioneer AVH-4200NEX firmware

We might want to educate you regarding the accessibility of a Pioneer avh-4200nex firmware update (form 1.06) for the Pioneer avh-4200nex firmware In-Dash AV beneficiary. This firmware update is just for Pioneer avh-4200nex collectors sold in the US and Canada. 

This firmware update (adaptation 1.06) contains the accompanying enhancements: 

  • Reduces clamor that is produced when utilizing iPod sources 
  • Add QWERTY console in AppRadio Mode. 
  • Corrects a message that is inappropriately shown when the framework is killed 
  • Corrects a mistake that may happen when using the SiriusXM Artist Alert component

Android Auto v. CarPlay

pioneer avh 4200nex manual
Android Auto v. CarPlay

Your choice to go with either auto experience will rely upon the telephone you own. After having given both Android Auto and CarPlay a shot, the Pioneer avh-4200nex for sale, we, for one, favored the less complicated UI of CarPlay.

However, we preferred Google Maps for a route through Android Auto. Both Android Auto and CarPlay are sandboxed conditions.

Just select applications will work with one or the other environment, a choice made by Google and Apple to limit occupied driving. 

With CarPlay, you’ll be welcomed with a network like an exhibit of applications. CarPlay gives you admittance to your telephone, messages, Apple Maps for the route, iTunes for music, and select music streaming applications.

For instance, you won’t have the option to get alarms or notices to messages, and you won’t have the opportunity to watch recordings or surf Safari. 

There’s a route bar on the left-hand side that shows the time, signal strength, and a home catch on the touchscreen that will get you back into the lattice of applications.

In case you’re tuning in to music and planning a course, the route bar will show a Maps symbol on top and a symbol of the collection quality you’re tuning in to.

Tapping on these symbols will allow you to hop straight into the Maps application or music application without first visiting the network of applications. 

On Android Auto, Google utilizes its cards UI, an element that will be recognizable to Android clients who use Google Now.

The cards show data like the nearby climate, the time it takes to explore home (if you have a street number indicated), and the presently playing tune.

pioneer avh-4200nex installation

The extensive rundown of highlights heads the master segment; clients love all the alternatives the highlights gave them. 

  • It can run two cameras all at once.
  • Working incredibly straight out of the container is perhaps the greatest master as indicated by clients, allowing them to get directly down to evaluating all the highlights and settings. 
  • It has an easy-to-use interface. 
  • The detachable screen is an enormous master, as it eliminates the probability of burglary. 
  • The simplicity of establishment was an expert for some clients. 
  • The sound quality is referenced again and again in surveys, and numerous individuals are dazzled by it. 
  • It’s generally cheap contrasted with other head units if you can get it from the correct source. 
  • There are loads of choices for sound/video playback. 

For those that like their head unit to likewise have route without connecting their telephone, this sound system may be frustrating as it has no introduced route framework. 

  • The cost is additionally a con, contingent upon the dealer. That you will utilize the great sound and arrangement of highlights and discover one for $400 from a reputable source, it’s an incredible arrangement. 
  • A few clients didn’t care for that. Occasionally they needed to buy additional links or units to suit their necessities with their telephones or different gadgets. 
  • There were a few incongruence issues with ios 11 and selected Samsung Galaxy models, general cart programming issues. 
  • Handling can be shoddy and delayed due to more current applications being controlled by a more established processor. 
  • A few people battled with the included client manual, mainly depicting the info/yield ports.


Can this fit on a 1999 Huffy 10 speed soil bicycle?

Indeed yet you should likewise purchase the 1992-2002 Huffy models bike beneficiary establishment unit. 

My anxiety is that Android Auto is going remote inside the following, not many months. This unit, and all other units offered now, should be connected to the collector as I get it. Will this unit work remotely? 

At the current second no, as you expressed, it isn’t remote. That choice will be up to Pioneer on the off chance that they need to deliver an extra to make it slim. The essential issue with the remote is battery life, so it bodes well to secure it without either connecting the thing or having remote charging in the vehicle. 

I hear an issue with this unit appropriately blending up with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Anybody having a problem? Much obliged! 

If you are discussing the Pioneer avh-4200nex, I have the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Indeed, there is an issue. Peruse my survey. In any case, Cables, links, links. Utilize the Pioneer provided USB link to interface with the radio and utilize the briefest “completely able” (not merely a charger link) to associate the radio’s connection to the telephone when I did that S7 Edge associate without fail. No issues.

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