Buy Pioneer AVH-210EX 2021 | Review Guide and Recommendation


It’s tough not to fall head over heels in affection with the new Pioneer AVH-210EX from the outset, especially when you see precisely how lovely, how energetic, and how clear the almost 7-inch WVGA touchscreen on this computerized media beneficiary is. 

Though a great deal of present-day advanced media collectors has not good or bad touchscreens with regards to the scope of shading, exactness, and in general goal and constancy, the Pioneer closely resembles a cutting edge tablet (and a top of the line one at that). 

Join that with the necessary innovation that the people at Pioneer have shoehorned into this generally reduced unit, it promptly becomes obvious why this alternative is so famous. 

pioneer avh-210ex,

Including remote and wired associations for your cell phone and tablet gadgets in a hurry, just as top-level reconciliation with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. There are many extravagant accessories in the engine of this framework that makes it quite an excellent buy

Without a doubt, there are a few critical issues that we feature underneath (however, none of the major problems) like some other computerized media recipients. However, this is an unshakable unit that will go about as the activity for your whole car theater setup. We take somewhat more profound into all that the new Pioneer AVH-210EX brings to the table. 

What’s in the Box? 

The most significant bit of equipment in the Pioneer AVH-210EX box is the blend computerized media beneficiary/DVD player/almost 7-inch resistive touchscreen module. 

These bits of equipment are melded in a Double DIN setup. However, the touchscreen can be segregated from the mounting framework for safe stockpiling while your vehicle is left a lot unattended. 

Also, the committed wiring tackle is incorporated within the case to assist you with the establishment cycle. Pioneer computerized media collectors, all in all, are pretty simple to introduce. However, the incorporation of this saddle makes things go a little smoother in no way different. 

What’s in the Box

You’ll even get AV and pre-out saddle adornments included with this arrangement that lets you pick when and how you need to broaden the abilities of the Pioneer AVH-210EX later down the line. 

A controller planned explicitly for the Pioneer AVH-210EX unit is incorporated (with a lithium-particle battery previously introduced). It permits travelers in the secondary lounge to control the computerized media recipient without inclining forward, making for a substantially more advantageous setup progressing. 

Perceiving that only one out of every odd present-day vehicle accompanies a GPS reception apparatus or route framework on board, the people at Pioneer have incorporated a committed receiving wire for GPS signals with an 11.5-foot long link. It implies you’ll have the option to get a dedicated route for your Pioneer unit immediately without utilizing the marine parts on your telephone at whatever point you need planning. 

The 58 inches USB expansion link is intended to plug straightforwardly into the back USB input while having a lot of space to fish the wire out into the lodge of your vehicle for easy use and utility. That is a lot of additional space to run the wire anyplace in the front of your car, assisting you with tucking your mobile phone or tablet away when it is connected without taking up the forward-looking USB port. 

An external amplifier with a mounting section has been connected to 13 feet of link. You can utilize the additional link length to arrange your amplifier consummately to get clear sound from the driver seat while never feeling in the manner or prominent. It is a significant advantage for those that need voice power over their Pioneer framework, just as over their cell phones. 

The remainder of the cases loaded up with mounting equipment, twofold-sided tape, self-cement segments, a trim ring, sticker names, instructional manuals, and online item enlistment sheets. And a large group of different bits of desk work and data to help you capitalize on everything the Pioneer AVH-210EX has to bring to the table.

Key Features 

pioneer avh 210ex
Key Features
  • Pioneer’s architects set out to make an advanced media collector that interfaces straightforwardly with cell phones over wired or Wi-Fi networks. That is the thing that makes the Pioneer AVH-210EX model so extraordinary and is positively one of its key highlights. 
  • Not exclusively would you be able to interface your Android or IOS gadget using USB, yet you can likewise utilize the Bluetooth 4.0 association? Or the underlying Wi-Fi association with appreciate unshakable and stable availability all through your computerized media framework? 
  • You can also utilize Apple Car Play and Android Auto over these remote conventions – something that only one out of every odd advanced media recipient available today makes conceivable. 
  • The almost 7-inch corner to corner touchscreen on the Pioneer AVH-210EX is a pretty unique element, as well. This screen exploits cutting-edge WVGA screen innovation just as resistive touch capacities. It implies that your screen will glance fabulous in any lighting condition, with genuine shading precision and liveliness. Still, on the other hand, it will have a severe level of responsiveness when you’re tapping in controls. 
  • Two separate data sources are accessible in the rear of the Pioneer AVH-210EX module to oblige rearview cameras just as forward-looking cameras. It is somewhat of an extraordinariness in the computerized media collector world also, as most alternatives incorporate a solitary contribution for switch cameras. However, it is a decent expansion. You’ll have better permeability with your vehicle on account of this way to deal with camera innovation. 
  • Top-quality radio parts are incorporated directly into the Pioneer AVH-210EX too. You’ll have the option to get more clear advanced sound signs over earthly radio. Yet, you’ll likewise have the occasion to get traditional earthbound radio on both FM and AM channels if they are the main thing accessible.
  • Sirius XM satellite radio abilities are fabricated right in, as well. You’ll need to get a Sirius XM associate vehicle tuner and a Sirius XM membership to capitalize on these abilities; however, other than that, the framework is all set nearly directly out of the case. 
  •  iDataLink Maestro network. It lets you utilize any OEM directing wheel controls for your theater setup that may, as of now, exists in your vehicle with most producers. It is an immense advantage; however, for individual producers, you’ll need to buy an auxiliary accomplice to make the directing wheel controls work how you need them to. 


  • 95 Inch WVGA Resistive Touchscreen 
  • Compact disc/DVD Receiver Support 
  • Twofold DIN Form Factor
  • HD Radio and Sirius XM Satellite Radio Integrations 
  • Apple Car Play and Android Auto Integrations 
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Wireless Connectivity Options 
  • Wi-Fi Screen Casting for Android Devices 
  • 13 Band Graphic Equalizer 
  • Programmed Time Alignment 
  • Progressed Sound Retriever Integration 
  • Double AV Output Options 
  • Six Channel Pre-Amplified Outputs 
  • Completely CTA 2006 Compliant 

Apple/Android Compatibility 

pioneer avh-210ex review
Apple/Android Compatibility

Both the Apple and Android portable working frameworks are upheld with the Pioneer AVH-210EX. The two work “directly out of the case,” the second that you associate your gadget to this computerized media beneficiary. 

The best part is that in addition to the fact that you will have the option to have absolute command over your advanced mobile phone or your tablet. When you interface through USB but on the other hand, you will have the opportunity to utilize Apple Car Play and Android Auto when you are associated with Bluetooth or the coordinated 5 GHz Wi-Fi network. 

It considers unshakable and rapid associations between the Pioneer AVH-210EX computerized media collector and your cell phone. It likewise transforms the Pioneer AVH-210EX into nearly a larger than usual tablet hard-mounted into your dashboard, giving you all out admittance to your telephone’s controls, abilities, and portable applications while in a hurry – joined with voice orders too. 

The Pioneer interface all alone is pretty smooth; however, the beneficiary turns out to be genuinely uncommon when utilizing it in Apple Car Play or Android Auto mode. 


  • Superb wired and remote network. 
  • Directing wheel controls. 
  • Production line GPS route. 
  • Invert camera included. 
  • Simplified move up to your sound amusement, route, and wellbeing. 
  • Superior quality radio. 
  • Separable faceplate. 
  • Supports old guard media with DVD/CD player. 


  • The DVD/CD player takes up a massive lump of screenland. 

It may not be very as flashy or as extravagant as a portion of the other top-level alternatives from Pioneer. However, it is a Pioneer computerized media collector. It’s excellent, highlights top innovation parts and equipment, has gained notoriety for unwavering quality and strength, and uses a similar Pioneer UI and working programming that has been perceived as an industry chief. 

Of course, some different alternatives have more fancy odds and ends (and a lot more exorbitant cost labels). Not hoping to spend a pile of cash on another advanced media recipient yet need a big update, the Pioneer AVH 211EX is undoubtedly justified regardless of a more intensive look.


One of the head makers regarding car amusement hardware, Pioneer, worked admirably with all that the Pioneer AVH-210EX model has to bring to the table. 

Smooth, alluring, all around planned, and designed to be as future evidence as conceivable, this is as of now one of the most famous computerized media recipients available and should keep on being so for a very long time.


Would I be able to utilize a screen reflecting on my cell phone? 

Wi-Fi screen reflecting capacities are incorporated directly into the Pioneer AVH-210EX; however, starting at right now, they work with Android gadgets running in any event Android 5.0. It’s conceivable that Apple screen reflecting help is added through a firmware update later down the line. 

Do I need to get a satellite radio set up? 

Suppose your vehicle didn’t accompany Sirius XM satellite hardware previously inherent that you can plug straightforwardly into the Pioneer AVH-210EX through the wiring outfit. In that case, you’ll need an outsider connector and a membership for this satellite radio assistance. 

Does this incorporate a reinforcement camera? 

While the Pioneer AVH-210EX does exclude reinforcement camera equipment in the crate, it upholds two unique cameras (counting reinforcement cameras, dashboard cameras, and forward-looking cameras) with pre-wired data sources all set. You should buy the equipment for the camera itself if your vehicle did as of now accompany one from the producer.

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