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Sometime in the distant past, on the off chance that you needed the best in class innovation in the dashboard.

You’d head to a vehicle sound system store in the wake of purchasing another vehicle to yank out the manufacturing plant radio and supplant it with a reseller’s exchange head unit with highlights that wouldn’t be accessible underway vehicles for a year or two. 

However, the tables have turned as automakers presently load their in-run infotainment frameworks with highlights going from Wi-Fi to time-moving radio tuners. The reseller’s exchange, as a rule, can’t coordinate.

There are still exemptions, in any case, since automakers manage long creation lead times, and the post-retail can react a lot quicker. 

The situation with Pioneer’s lead AVIC-W8500NEX route beneficiary ($1,200), which offers highlights not many new vehicles can coordinate, in particular remote Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capacity, alongside bunches of other bleeding-edge innovation.

These incorporate the capability to add dual cameras for back and forward-looking perspectives, Weblink for control of applications, for example, YouTube and Yelp, screen-reflecting of convenient gadgets, and the capacity to play high-goal FLAC sound documents. 

The Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX additionally has all the fancy odds. It ends you expect in a top of the line head unit, for example, turn-by-turn route with traffic data, application similarity, HD Radio, and Siri Eyes Free, procuring our Editors’ Choice. 

Plan and Features

Plan and Features

The Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX has a 6.9-inch WVGA (800 by 480) capacitive touch screen with an adjustable principle menu with five diverse showcase tones and 13 foundations and sprinkle screens.

The menu has been refreshed from the Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX we tried recently, with next to each other design customization, a more giant collection of fine art, and a Power Off mode on the off chance that you lean toward a dim screen. 

Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX CarPlay

pioneer avic-w8500nex
Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX CarPlay

The more significant part of the unit’s front is taken up by the 6.9-inch contact screen, with a few little controls along the catch outline.

These incorporate (left to right) a volume up/down rocker switch; three catches in the middle for exchanging between the guide/application screen, getting to the primary menu, and quiet; a rocker switch for back/voice acknowledgement, and a catch to crease down the mechanized screen to uncover a CD/DVD drive and the SD card space behind it.

The rear of the AVIC-W8500NEX is two 1.5-amp USB ports, an aux-in jack, an HDMI input, and dual camera inputs. 

The unit incorporates a DVD drive that can play CDs just as an assortment of progressive organizations copied on DVDs or CDs and an implicit AM/FM HD tuner. At the same time, SiriusXM satellite radio can be added with an extra-cost collector. It can likewise play high-res lossless FLAC sound documents on a USB drive or SD card. 

The AVIC-W8500NEX beats any OEM unit regarding availability alternatives. Remote Android Auto and Apple CarPlay ability, which not many automakers presently offer, permits admittance to every stage’s local and outsider applications.

A Lightning link for iPhones and a USB link for Android gadgets are provided for the actual association and simultaneous telephone charging.

Pioneer’s AppRadio adds on-screen admittance to telephone contacts, schedules, and more on a USB-associated cell phone.

The unit additionally has an underlying Pandora application, while a WebLink highlight permits getting to applications like Waze, YouTube, Yelp, and others from the touch screen.

It can likewise remotely interface with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, utilizing a Mira cast convention to mirror a viable cell phone’s showcase. 

Carplay and Android Auto

pioneer avic-w8500nex review
Carplay and Android Auto

Notwithstanding the Apple and Google maps in CarPlay and Android Auto, the AVIC-W8500NEX accompanies a by-turn route that utilizes an installed planning information base.

The nave framework likewise includes three distinctive view modes, 3D Landscape and City Map sees for specific zones and free lifetime traffic information by Total Traffic Network. 

On the right side, the AVIC-W8500NEX’s implicit force enhancer siphons out 14 watts RMS or 50 watts top into four channels, while three arrangements of AV yields permit association with outside speakers.

An Easy EQ preset equalizer and subwoofer control help you change the sound you prefer and the vehicle inside. 

A receiver can be cautiously introduced for voice orders without hands calling and messaging and works with Apple’s Siri Eyes Free.

You additionally get a handheld distance for manual control from any seat. Utilizing an outsider connector, the AVIC-W8500NEX also permits keeping a vehicle’s stock directing wheel controls. 


  • Remote Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 
  • Far-reaching cell phone availability alternatives. 
  • Immediate unusual touch-screen reaction. 


  • Little actual catches. 
  • Consistent speed limit update. 
  • In some cases, lost CarPlay association in testing.


avic-w8500nex review

Introducing another vehicle sound framework can be a do-it-without anyone else’s help work, yet the more associations you need to make, like directing wheel controls and reinforcement cameras.

The more intricate the work and the more probable it will merit your time and energy to have an expert do it.

Orchestrated an installer to do a total establishment of the W8500NEX in my 2012 Toyota Sienna, which was furnished from the manufacturing plant with a moderately fundamental sound framework that had begun to go missing somewhat on me. 

Establishing a unit like this can require a couple of hours and cost a few hundred dollars once the work and extra parts are represented.

Yet, whenever it’s done, you have a general incorporated framework that fits neatly into your scramble and highlights guiding wheel controls.

USB charging/information ports mounted in your important 12V force port, a wired receiver mounted up over the driver with the wiring hidden in the vehicles inside trim, and the capacity to see your vehicle’s reinforcement camera directly on the new unit’s enormous screen.

NEX Interface 

avic w8500nex
NEX Interface

The AVIC-W8500NEX is unmistakably an incredible unit, fit for taking care of the entirety of the customary sound arrangements, including AM/FM radio (counting HD) and Bluetooth, and it’s SiriusXM-prepared so you can move up to satellite radio with a tuner that is sold independently.

The DVD/CD drive offers extra sound and video capacities while working en route, telephone joining like ‌CarPlay‌, Android Auto, and Pandora makes for a critical bundle of highlights that should be overseen through the NEX interface. 

NEX home screen 

It’s all very usable, and you can redo the format of the home screen, yet I’m not a gigantic fan of the general tasteful. It feels somewhat disordered and obsolete contrasted with current cell phone UIs or even ‌CarPlay‌.

Nonetheless, I acknowledge how the framework keeps significant subtleties prominent consistently, for example, indicating the existing street or driving headings in a strip along the lower part of the radio application or the current radio broadcast and tune information while in the route application. 

NEX radio application 

One of the difficulties is undoubtedly the sheer number of capacities that the unit can deal with, including different USB and Bluetooth gadgets, DVDs and CDs, SD Card content, HDMI out to raise screens, and the sky is the limit from there.

Yet, I feel like Pioneer might have improved occupation here. In light of the press pictures I’ve seen, it would appear that Pioneer has made some interface refreshes for the 2020 setup that is only beginning to turn out, so that is something to look into while thinking about a buy.

Equipment Details 

In its endeavours to boost the showcase size on the AVIC-W8500NEX while keeping up help for highlights like a DVD/CD drive and an SD card opening, Pioneer needed to get imaginative with the equipment plan.

The AVIC-W8500NEX incorporates a mechanized showcase board that slides down to uncover the circle and card spaces. 

Remote controller 

The AVIC-W8500NEX even accompanies a remote controller, principally for controlling DVD usefulness. You can utilize a portion of the catches to change several different highlights, like hopping through radio presets or exchanging sources.

Yet, it’s genuinely proposed to be used for video controls either while stopped or if you’ve snared back diversion screens through the framework. 


Pioneer’s NEX setup is a full-highlighted set of post-retail head units at a scope of value focuses. None of them will be too modest, especially on the off chance you pick a proficient establishment.

They can carry a massive load of new usefulness to more seasoned vehicles, making them a beneficial redesign for some vehicle proprietors.

While I’ve utilized my iPhone with a vehicle vent mount and Bluetooth to incorporate my telephone into my vehicle for quite a long time, the transition to ‌CarPlay‌ is a huge update, and the way that it’s remote is surprisingly better. 

We’ve discovered the locally available route part of the AVIC-W8500NEX to have some vast inadequacies that make it hard to suggest, so we’d probably recommend one of the less expensive models in the setup if you would like to go the Pioneer NEX course.

A model like the AVH-W4500NEX is substantially less of a hit to your wallet with a recommended cost of $700, and it has a large number of similar highlights as the $1200 AVIC-W8500NEX, with the main ones being the absence of inherent route and a minimization from a capacitive screen to a resistive one.

So on the off chance that you can live with the resistive screen, we’d suggest going to that course. 

With Pioneer’s 2020 arrangement additionally having been declared, we’d watch out for accessibility of those astonishingly to advertise in the many months ahead.

Units like the DMH-WT7600NEX offer highlights like a giant 9-inch drifting showcase and an invigorated interface, alongside remote ‌CarPlay‌, at a suggested cost of $1000. We’d likewise look out for the DMH-W4660NEX, which surrenders route and the DVD/CD drive yet offers remote ‌CarPlay‌ at a value purpose of $600.

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