ATOTO A6 | Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth

Numerous new vehicles come furnished with Android Auto to empower clients to interface their cell phone consistently to the car to have the option to utilize Google Maps, get calls, send and get messages, and do significantly more without using the telephone. Your old vehicle might not have this creative innovation inbuilt. 

The ATOTO A6 is among the best head unit for a vehicle with a Full HD touchscreen show. It runs on an Android framework with a wide assortment of inherent innovations and applications.

It goes about as an option compared to the Android Auto component found in new vehicles’ frameworks. 

Notwithstanding not having a CD/DVD player, this vehicle sound system offers different alternatives to get to your media records. It can peruse Micro-SD cards through the SD opening.

It additionally has 3 USB ports and an AUX contribution to associate blaze drives and diverse media gadgets. 

Today, we review quite possibly the most well-known Android radio frameworks, ATOTO A6 Pro, to assist you with choosing whether it would turn out ideal for you.

Why We Like It – ATOTO A6

atoto a6
Why We Like It – ATOTO A6

The ATOTO A6 Android radio is stuck brimming with highlights and has uncommon execution. This twofold noise vehicle sound system offers double Bluetooth, double WiFi association, and even signal control.

Since it deals with the Android OS, it boots up quickly and permits you to download applications onto it. 


The ATOTO ace variant has every one of the highlights of the past A6 Premium. This Android vehicle sound system accompanies a maximum yield of 45-watts x 4 and four channels RCA out.

There’s a broad scope of network choices, including double Bluetooth, double Wi-F-I, and Android Auto. 

It likewise accompanies capacities like motion control and has a back camera input. Since this sound system runs on Android, the firmware continually refreshes, and more highlights add.

If you need Apple Carplay, the Pioneer AVH-1300NEX is a superior choice. 


The ATOTO A6 is an Android Tablet blended in with a vehicle sound system. It has a 7-inch touchscreen that can alter to show less or show more symbols.

The screen is enormous and straightforward to use with a distinctive showcase. The A6 accompanies three USB ports, which quick backing charging, notwithstanding an SD card peruser. 

Contrasted with most sound systems, the ATOTO A6 goes the additional mile by having an implicit GPS receiving wire and accompanying Google Maps as a standard element.

The Boss Audio BV9358B is a superior choice on the off chance that you need a DVD player. 


On the off chance that you mind Amazon, the remarks are part of this head unit’s estimation. It has countless such highlights that rivals in its group can’t coordinate a portion of these incorporate motion control, underlying GPS route, double Bluetooth, and dual WiFi. 

Likewise, it can download your most loved applications from the Play Store, and you can utilize them in your vehicle. When you think about this unit’s cost against its capacities, it offers a great incentive for cash. If you have a more modest single-DIN space, the Sony MEX-N4200BT merits looking at.

Atoto A6 Firmware

Atoto A6 Firmware

Atoto AICE OS 9.6, the framework’s firmware for A6 Series, offers particular highlights like initiating the telephone’s voice aide (Siri, Google Assistant) using Bluetooth.

Another component is utilizing the telephone’s Bluetooth to open the A6 screen once the phone is associated with Atoto A6.

Atoto is, in reality, very significant with firmware refreshes, in any event, contrasted for confident makers. They positively don’t refresh as regularly as proprietors might want. However, they had their Android 9 help update out before some other head units.

They have a help site that requires the enlistment of an Atoto item to utilize.


Plan and Operating System

ATOTO A6 Pro is an excellent Android radio framework created on the Android Marshmallow working framework.

It fits for associating consistently to the Android cell phone to permit settling on decisions, tuning in to your number one music, and sending instant messages while driving. 

ATOTO A6 Pro Review

atoto a6 pro
ATOTO A6 Pro Review

It accompanies a 256GB SSD drive to encourage immense capacity. You can preload all your #1 tunes into the drive to stream and appreciate in any event when disconnected.

The plan is straightforward. There are not many actual catches, and you can play out every one of the capacities by exploring through the touchscreen. 

The working framework alters vehicles and highlights support for the back camera, AM/FM, run camera, and different embellishments with no issue. It offers a quicker boot time than those dependent on Pumpkin Android. 

Bluetooth Connectivity 

ATOTO A6 Pro has an incorporated WiFi framework to effortlessly get to online guides and various applications.

Perhaps the most impressive highlights of this framework are the incorporation of two Bluetooth chips. One of them controls calling and informing while the other chip point toward taking care of music-related orders. 

This Bluetooth availability makes the framework stand apart from other Android vehicle sound systems. It permits interfacing up to three gadgets all the while. 

Double Band WiFi 

The vehicle sound system highlights double WiFi association support meaning A6 Pro can interface with the areas of interest set AP band of 5GHz.

As well as turning around camera video input, the framework highlights two extra video inputs permitting you to interface up to two cameras simultaneously for unique applications. 

The most recent 178-degree full-see point IPS show screen with high difference ensures you get the best survey experience even in the sunlight. Significant application tips can see unmistakably. 

The sound system comes stacked with Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX to permit streaming wired sound just as remote music.

The music framework additionally incorporates progressed and incredible pre-speaker from Toshiba with fantastic execution. It upholds all the vehicle speakers from 2 to 8 ohms. 

Flexible Connectivity 

ATOTO A6 Pro additionally offers extraordinary flexibility of yields. It permits interfacing the back camera to the Dash camera.

Individual security insurance highlight gives you significant serenity. Without hand information move and controlling wheel sound control, an implicit GPS route is a portion of the extra highlights accessible. 

The ATOTO A6 has a lot of information sources and yields altered to work better in vehicles. Inherent EasyConnect application permits projecting what is shown on the telephone to the sound system screen through WiFi/USB. 

Restrictive Hand Gesture Recognition Sensor permits you to control the framework with hand signals while driving.

You can undoubtedly skip tracks, change volume and perform different activities rapidly without squeezing a catch or contact the screen.

An additional component is the Screen Lock alternative that permits clients to bolt the screen when the sound system isn’t in charge. 

Most noteworthy Compatibility for Installation/Fit

atoto a6 review
Most noteworthy Compatibility for Installation/Fit

ATOTO Pro 6 intends to offer the most remarkable similarity for establishment and fit. It can fit impeccably into any vehicle with no managing fundamentals. 

The telephone battery can deplete when streaming sound using Bluetooth or sharing information. ATOTO A6 Pro conveys the ability to telephone quicker than some other vehicle sound system.

The vehicle sound system accompanies nine implicit dialects to encourage various sorts of clients. You can proficiently run outsider applications on the gadget.


With Toshiba’s super excellent preamplifier with higher RMS power yield, get sought-after quality execution. You can depend upon the Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX to effortlessly combine your cell phone (if outfitted with Bluetooth aptX) and stream quality sound remotely. 

Built-in Microphone 

WiFi gathering cooperates with the underlying mouthpiece, and you can talk sans hands while driving. A solid group during your call is because of a strong association without any stresses over call dropping during visits.

The underlying receiver gets lower decibels, so you need not speak more loudly through the call. 

Hand Gesture Recognition Gesture 

The Hands Gesture Recognition Sensor’s additional comfort allows the driver to keep their eyes out and about while making hand signals to change the volume rapidly, skip tracks, and access different elements of this gadget.

Who is it for? 

 you are wondering if this sound system is for you? Allow us to advise you! 

The solitary few things absent from A6 Stereo System are SiriusXM and HD radio; however, we figured you could undoubtedly run them through your cell phone.

By introducing these head units, you will want to watch motion pictures and tune in to your main tunes in the ideal sound quality

We would say that Atoto A6 would succumb to those individuals who are searching for a framework that will guarantee their wellbeing while at the same time driving.

You can append without hands with this one while it likewise accompanies hand motions. So when you’re going, you genuinely don’t have to try and take a gander at the framework to change your tune.

Turn on the hand signals and make all that could be within reach by waving your hands. 

Principle highlights

atoto a6 manual
Principle highlights

To portray each element of this sound system in detail would require hours, so we have chosen to keep it brief and give you all the essential data as fast as could be expected. 

  • The sound system accompanies a 7-inch touchscreen. We have no clue where this medium gets this showcase, yet it is not typical for something we have seen previously. It has a phenomenal presentation, incredible goal, and a shockingly better touch framework. 
  • The showcase includes an HD goal of 1080×600, another perspective that we have never found in a sound system. 
  • The Atoto A6 Stereo System comes WiFi empowered and includes Bluetooth that makes interfacing your telephone simpler than at any other time. 
  • It immediately boots up and doesn’t take longer than two seconds. 
  • It is iOS and Android viable also. 

Thus, as should be obvious, these are a portion of the Atoto A6 Car Stereo System’s significant highlights, and every one of these highlights makes it worth purchasing.

The sound system additionally permits you to tune in to your number one music through Pandora or Spotify.

Bluetooth Chip 

With its double Bluetooth chips, the recipient offers remote availability for three gadgets simultaneously, one for sound and two for information correspondence.

The main Bluetooth chip is answerable without hands calling and sound streaming functionalities, while the subsequent chip permits web tying and information move. 

Likewise, the sound system can associate with WiFi areas of interest utilizing the outside receiving wire to introduce applications from Google Play Store, stream online music, and give routes through online guides. 

Utilizing the Easy-associate application, you can project your telephone screen onto the sound system’s showcase through USB or WiFi.

Likewise, you can associate your Android cell phone to handily get to your media records, settle on decisions, or send messages. 

Touchscreen and Steering Wheel Control 

Notwithstanding touchscreen and guiding wheel controls, the collector upholds hand motion acknowledgment to permit the framework’s power without the need to press or contact anything.

You can utilize it to play out an assortment of activities, including volume and playback control. 

Back View Camera 

The reinforcement camera-input upholds a back see camera to make stopping simple. Two extra video inputs likewise include to permit you to associate two additional cameras for extra perceivability. 

GPS Navigation System 

Likewise, the sound system can go about as an independent GPS route framework with the inherent GPS collector and GPS reception apparatus.

You can get to the framework utilizing the default pre-introduced Google Maps application. It upholds other routes and disconnected guide applications also. 

In short, this sound system offers incredible usefulness with its implicit highlights, so you can undoubtedly interface with the web through WiFi to tune in to online music or utilize the application of the guide.

It’s likewise beneficial for interfacing with various gadgets and projecting your telephone on the presentation. 


  • Full HD 7” capacitive touchscreen show 
  • RMS Power: 24 Watts x 4 Channels 
  • Pinnacle Power: 45 Watts x 4 Channels 
  • Preamp Outputs: 4-channel 4V RCA sound yield, separate subwoofer 4V yield 
  • Inherent Bluetooth innovation for sans hands calling and sound streaming 
  • Double Bluetooth Chips 
  • Upheld Profiles: HFP, HSP, PBAP, A2DP, AVRCP 
  • 3 USB Ports  
  • 1 AUX Audio/Video Input 
  • 1 Micro SD Slot 
  • Switching Camera Input 
  • iPod, iPhone, and Android gadgets similarity 
  • Telephone Mirroring with Easy-associate application 
  • Outer WiFi Antenna 
  • Inherent Microphone 
  • Inherent GPS collector module with outer GPS radio wire


  • The stacking is amazingly quick 
  • Motion controls 
  • The showcase is vast and clear, not stressing your eyes 
  • The video seeing component is practically identical to a PC 
  • Toshiba Ultra-incredible Pre-intensifier IC 
  • 178° full-review point IPS show screen 
  • Max 2A Quick Charge 
  • USB interfaces for associating with USB On-run camera/3G dongle/TPMS and more! 
  • AUX sound (Left/Right)/video input 
  • Underlying EasyConnect application permits clients (through USB/WiFi) to show Atoto what’s shown on the cell phone screen. 
  • Underlying GPS route 
  • FM/AM Radio tuner with RDS, 
  • Reinforcement camera/run camera input/TPMS/Dab + input, 
  • Directing wheel sound control. 
  • Bluetooth takes into account hands-free and information move, max 2A quick charge, and fast booting. 


  • No controlling wheels control 
  • Client help may take quite a while 
  • WiFi connector is feeble and moderate 
  • East association connector doesn’t work

When pairing your telephone with the Atoto A6 Pro, the telephone battery is inclined to deplete instead immediately while using the different highlights it can access from this gadget.

Atoto A6 Pro has expected this by offering the Max 2A Quick Charge. Controlled by internal PMS IC, Max 2A conveys charges a cell phone battery quicker than a USB charger associated with some other Android vehicle sound systems (500mA – 600mA). 

We should not remember that any scar sound system’s fundamental utilization is getting to the music. Atoto A6 Pro offers different approaches to amplify your music satisfaction.

Play whatever is on your preferred FM station. Supplement your Micro USB Drive or Micro SD and play the rundown of tunes you have assembled on your valued playlist.

At the point when your telephone match with Atoto A6 Pro, you can play the music straightforwardly from your telephone’s playlist. 

Atoto A6’s Quick Booting highlight gets your sound system going in practically no time, which is helpful as you can get the music playing while at the same time keeping your eyes out and about.

Final Thoughts

Atoto A6 Car Stereo System is a complete take at its cost point. We don’t think we have at any point run over a sound system that joined such countless great highlights under this value range.

If any contender was to dispatch something like this, we question they will want to bring it under the value scope of $1500. 

This sound system gives you all that you’ve been searching for. It highlights Apple CarPlay, which accompanies Android Support, has different network choices like Bluetooth and WiFi.

By a wide margin, the most significant wellspring of amusement you can have in a moving vehicle. 

The sound quality and clearness are marvelous without introducing an intensifier. So in case, you’re searching for a first-class sound system that will last you for an exceptionally prolonged period, go for this one.

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